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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Had an incredible weekend at the Beccles Charter weekend with lots of talented East Anglian authors, like Martin Ferguson, Ash Ford, David Merrifield, A D P Sorsi, and many others. There was a big variety of both traditional and indie writers, and a lot of different genres on offer. Some Chequered Affection seemed especially popular with the good people of Beccles - which I guess means I should write more histroricals.

Anyway, huge thanks to Helen Thwaites for organising it all - who was there both with her poetry and her fiction as Elizabeth Manning-Ives.

I also found out that Louis de Bernières - who was the guest of honour at Yarmouth a fortnight ago - gave me a name check on one of his facebook posts in relation to my crowdfunding shenanigans. It was a real pleasure to meet him, as well as being a talented writer, he was really lovely man who made time to talk to all the writers there, and offered us all encouragement and support. I highly recommend his The Partisan's Daughter.

Meanwhile, there was a lovely little interview with me published on the Gender Terror website, talking about crowdfunding, David Bowie, and being a queer writer of horror. You can read that here, if any of that sounds like your sort of thing:

Finally, time is running out to get your name listed as a supporter in the back of Time's Fool - so if you have friends who have been meaning to pledge, don't let them miss their chance. It's not the final countdown yet, but it is getting closer.

And, as ever, thank you for reading and your support!

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