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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Because you lot seem to like me making a fool of myself in front of a camera, here's a little video I made to announce the winners of the degree certificates, and introduce the Some Chequered Affection chapbook.

The general gist of it is - the degree certificates will be posted to winners in the next couple of days, but if haven't won and want one for yourself they are £10 + p&p (a large letter stamp in the UK) - all proceeds towards Time's Fool, and a little reveal of the Some Chequered Affection (and How the Bat Found his Kin) chapbook - of which I will be giving away two copies when Time's Fool reaches 95% funding (about £75 away at the time of writing.)

These are a limited run of 200, and if you would like one more than you are confident of winning it, they are £5 + p&p, and again, all proceeds go towards Time's Fool. We were going to add these as a pledge level, but at this stage it's easier to do it directly, so, if you want either of these things, comment below, or message me on Twitter (@alysdragon) or on Facebook.

Anyway, thank you all for your support, and have a lovely week!

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