Time's Fool

By Alys Earl

A novel for M R James fans who sometimes want something a little more modern and edgy from their weird fiction

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

100%. Oh my.

So, I had just left the house to do some groceries, when my phone pings and informed that, nope. Time's Fool in fact has nothing left to raise.

The sound I made was probably audible only to bats.

It takes one heck of a lot to render me speechless, but there was a good hour there were I could not make word good.

ANYWAY. I'm back home now, and hitting the calm point - sorry if my posts on Twitter and Facebook have been a bit monosyllabic and heavy on the exclamation marks - but now I can say a genuine and absolutely heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Time's Fool in whatever way. I am not going to do the full Oscars speech right here, although I have to say preventing myself is quite an effort. But, whether you pledged, shared, or soothed the soul of a crowdfunding author, I am eternally in your debt. This is a lifelong dream, and along this funding journey, I have been shown so much kindness, generosity and enthusiasm that I am struggling to express how much it means to me.

Thank you all.

I hope this book surpasses your expectations and I will do everything in my power to make that the case.

To make this whole thing even more special

Tink - whose pledge took Time's Fool to 100% - has requested that the other four of the copies of her Small Book Club pledge be donated free of charge to LGBT+ people who would like the book, but cannot otherwise afford it. As a bisexual and transgender writer, I cannot think of a single way of crossing the finish line that would have made me happier. When I had recovered from the shock and *squeak* of reaching full funding, I was literally moved to tears by such a lovely idea.

So, while I'm not completely sure how we're going to organise that or select the recipients just yet, that is DEFINITELY what is going to happen. We are honouring this - and I will keep you all posted on how.

So, what happens now?

  1. Now, I have a cup of tea.
  2. Then, I put a lampshade on my head and sing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.
  3. And I take off the lampshade and finish my final polish of the MS, before submitting it to Unbound and their editors set to work.

What with editing, proofing, layout, cover design and printing, it's still a long journey from here to having the book in your hand, but we are so much closer now than we were yesterday.

Expect lots of excitable posts to let you know how it's all coming along.

And, once again, THANK YOU.

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Michael O'Connor
 Michael O'Connor says:

Congratulations, Alys. Your hard work has paid off. I am very happy for you.

posted 20th March 2018

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