Across Time and Space

By Tony Cross

An Unofficial Doctor Who Companion with an introduction from Daniel Hardcastle

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Who fancies a Classic Doctor Who watchalong?

-An update from Tony Cross-

Hello, thanks everyone who has already signed up to support 'Across Time and Space'. There's a long way to go yet, but it is lovely to see how much interest there is out there.

I've been thinking of re-watching all of Classic Doctor Who between 23rd November 2021 and 22nd November 2023. Even though I have done it before - hence the book. That sets us all up nicely for the 60th Anniversary. The question, of course, is practicalities. There are 102 weeks between the 23rd November 2021 and 22nd November 2023 and there are 159 stories.* That, of course, means watching more than one story in a week. However, to add complication upon complication, watching the longer stories in a single sitting is only possible if you do it on weekends. If you split the longer stories into two (or in the case of The Daleks' Master Plan and The War Games into 4 and 3 respectively) you end up needing 168 watching sessions. to do it? I'd like some of these to be watchalongs, starting with "An Unearthly Child". So, I'm working on a timetable.

Would anyone be interested in joining in?

Do you have any suggestions as to which stories you'd like to join as part of a watchalong?

Let me know.

And thanks again for all your support. Please help spread the word.


*I've counted "Mission to the Unknown" as 1 and “Trial of a Time Lord” as 4 separate stories for ease of counting.

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Melanie Peake
 Melanie Peake says:

Hi Tony!
I would be interested in joining in with this. Really hope you get the full funding, can't wait to read it when you do!

posted 16th September 2021

Will Harding
 Will Harding says:

Would love a watch along, only issue is how we would watch along! Count me in though while you work out logistics!

posted 16th September 2021

Tony Cross
 Tony Cross says:

I will give it some thought. There are two issues really. One time. How and when do we schedule the watchalongs? The second is practical. My feeling is we sit down at the same time, watch the story and then gather afterwards for a Zoom Call (or equivalent.) Rather than you poor people endure watching me watching Doctor Who. But I'm open to other ideas.

posted 16th September 2021

Bonnie Russell
 Bonnie Russell says:

Being in the US I'm wondering if it would be a "watch this" and then get everyone together to talk about it at a time when people from both sides of the Atlantic might be able to join? Time zones will likely be an issue here. When the watchalongs were happening during the shutdowns I would sometimes take my lunch and watch, so that's a possibility here too.

posted 16th September 2021

Jack Roscoe
 Jack Roscoe says:

If that can be sorted, would be up for something like this. Be nice to watch some classic Who with some like-minded people, if it's possible to do so.

posted 16th September 2021

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