Thursday, 11 September 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Delighted to report that my friend and supporter Dickie Relton was the millionth pound Unbound pledge, which wins him a lifetime supply of every Unbound book. While he will never have to buy a Christmas present again, he has just realised that he will now have to convert his garage in to a library.

I am however feeling slightly guilty for casting him as the rotund and odious News Editor Roland Railton - aka 'Roly Poly'. (Actually I'm not, he could hardly be Mr Nice could he?).

There's still room at the 'Launch Party' level to feature as a thinly disguised character in my book. Most have been cast, and I'm afraid there are very few 'saints'. But if you want to be a 'sinner'..... think editor, MP, tory peer, bent copper, dodgy lawyer, drug dealer, hooker, spy (it's that sort of book) ..... well it is THREE IN A BED, so there's always room for more.

All support appreciated, even spreading the word. Read all about it....

Regards Andrew Croker


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