Thoughty2 Presents: Stick A Flag In It

By Arran Lomas

1,000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Manuscript Handed In!

Dear Supporters


After countless hours spent combing over every chapter and passage to ensure the book is as good as I can make it, last night I finally sent off the completed manuscript to Unbound.


This is a significant milestone towards a published book and it means we can now move onto the editing process. There is still a lot of necessary work to do before books are in your hands, such as editing, proofreading and printing. I know a lot of you are excited to receive your copy, believe me, so am I! I'm going to work as hard as I can to ensure Unbound and I deliver the highest quality book possible in a timely manner. So hang tight!


Thank you again for your incredible support.


All the best


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Ruben Pedersen
 Ruben Pedersen says:

I'm looking so much forward to this! Thank you for the update Arran!

posted 13th September 2019

Aroni Hipperson
 Aroni Hipperson says:

Thank you Arran. Thank you for providing so many hours of educational and interesting entertainment on YouTube.

I took my first sip of beer before reading the snippet of Australia’s history and didn’t take my second sip till the end of the story.

You have such a knack of capturing and expressing such amazing and important tidbits of history then presenting it in a very ‘easy to digest’ and entertaining manner.

Keep up the good work, and we’ll wait as long as it takes because we know you’ll do the best you can do.

Thank you again Arran.

- Aroni

posted 13th September 2019

Jonas Naumann
 Jonas Naumann says:

Great Arran
Can't wait for it!

posted 13th September 2019

Adam Dabrowiecki
 Adam Dabrowiecki says:

Thanks for the update. And thanks for all the you tube content. Looking forward to the book. Have you ever thought of combining all of your knowledge and research in to a fictional book?

posted 13th September 2019

Daniel Gerson
 Daniel Gerson says:

Great work. Can't wait to see it. :-)
Dan. London.

posted 13th September 2019

Maureen Brown
 Maureen Brown says:

Great new Arran
You have worked incredibly hard to this stage. I am excited to read your book.
Well done x

posted 13th September 2019

Sinead Smee
 Sinead Smee says:

I am so excited to read your book and I am very glad to support you in this :)
*inaudible "squeeeeeeeeeeeeee"*

Sorry, my excitement just went hypersonic... I now have a neighbourhood's worth of dogs heading my way :D

posted 13th September 2019

Jason McCraw
 Jason McCraw says:

My wife and I are excited to see what you’ve come up with in this upcoming book. If it’s half as good as your channel then we know it’s going to be great!! Thank you sir for what you do and the professionalism you put into it. It is noticed and appreciated by many.

posted 14th September 2019

forest doughty
 forest doughty says:

getting very anxious and dont forget to UP THE IRONS after your flag is in place !

posted 14th September 2019

Michael Greene
 Michael Greene says:

So looking forward to receiving your
Masterpiece! I know this will be a great book, excellent author... fantastic videos! Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
Thanks man , and the best of luck to ya!

posted 7th November 2019

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