Thoughty2 Presents: Stick A Flag In It

By Arran Lomas

1,000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond.

It’s happening. Thoughty2 Presents: Stick A Flag In It is at the printers and will be shipping to supporters as soon as the ink is dry.
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The ebook edition
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A first edition
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Signed Hardback

A signed first edition
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Icarus: Send Thoughty2 to the Sun!

Taking inspiration from the 1501 alchemist who tried to fly (but completely refusing to learn any lessons from him), for every pledge this level receives we will attach an extra balloon to a copy of the book in an attempt to send it to the sun itself! We'll also record the endeavour so you can see how it went. Plus a signed first edition, a Thoughty2 mug and your name in the back of the book
$100  + shipping
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Two Signed Hardbacks

Read with a friend, give a copy to an enemy, or try to send your own book to the sun! Two signed first editions sent together so you only have to pay shipping once.
$150  + shipping
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The Shitest King Poster + Mug + Signed Book

We all know the real purpose of history is to discover who was the worst at it. Finally and definitively we'll send you a Thoughty2 poster ranking the shitest kings ever. We'll also send you the Thoughty2 mug and a signed book with your name in the back.
$225  + shipping
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Personalised ‘Thank You’ Video (Limited number available)

Arran will send you a personalised video thanking you for supporting the book. Also includes the poster, mug, and a signed hardback with your name in the back.
$300  + shipping
3 pledges

Time Capsule: Bury Thoughty2 for Future Generations!

Help us preserve this precious document against nuclear apocalypse and end of days scenarios of all descriptions. We'll create a time capsule for the book and bury it along with a list of the noble men and women who supported this level. We’ll send you a record so your descendants can dig it up one day. You'll also get the poster, mug, and a signed first edition and your name in the back of the book
$1,125  + shipping
1 pledge

Personalised Research Video (Only 3 available)

Arran will create a special video researching a topic of your choosing. Perhaps it's something you're interested in, or perhaps it's simply something disgusting you want him to have to read about for ages - it's completely up to you! Plus the poster, mug, and FIVE signed first editions with your name in the back of the book
$1,500  + shipping
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We'll print a special thank you at the front of the book listing you as the book's patron, and recognising your contribution to historical preservation. We'll also send you the poster and mug, add your name to Icarus and Time Capsule, and give you TEN signed first edition hardbacks.

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Where can I get my book delivered to?

We deliver to most countries worldwide. Enter your delivery address during checkout and we'll display the shipping cost when we know where to send your book.

How do supporter names work?

Every person who pledges to help to make a book gets their name included in a supporter section as a thank you as long as they pledge before the list closing deadline. If you want to add a different name, this can be changed in your account after you have completed your pledge.

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