Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I wish I could offer a prize, but all I can do is to apologise for the typos in my most recent update - more haste, less speed might be the maxim for me. Is it a maxim? That'll be the next error...anyways, I HATE typos - I recently 'designed' some A5 flyers on the Vistaprint site and once 5000 lovely glossy items arrived, yes, that's right - not only a bloody typo, but a factual inaccuracy date-wise! Thank goodness they were on special offer, otherwise that could have been very costly...

Now that the book is funded, I'm hoping not to have to incur too many more personal costs for publicity and the like. But next time round, I will be much more attentive and  not try to do it on an iPad in a train! 

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