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My mojo's back!

Monday, 17 July 2017

After a bit of a summertime wilt, post French holiday, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Saturday saw the inaugural Isle of Wight Pride Festival sell out its 5000 tickets, it was very inspiring indeed. I got to march with Peter Tatchell, who put out a very complimentary tweet about me, so I can but hope that may engender some more pledges. This week I've been asked to step in for no less than the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)  at RMA Sandhurst for the annual Army LGBT Forum - cue last minute panic as I realise I've an HOUR to fill and can't be seen to be there solely to promote the book! But, with the audience numbers approaching 300 and with some very top brass there, I shall be most miffed if my percentages don't go up by next weekend. The organiser is putting one of my publicity postcards in every delegate pack. So, I'm hoping things will start picking up again soon. I'll try to do a little video update again soon - I think it's easier to let you know what's happening that way. Onwards and upwards! 

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