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Monday, 18 September 2017

...more of an enquiry...

So, many of my fellow Unbound authors offer 'extras' to encourage pledges or 'upgrades'...when I attended the crowdfunding workshop, I half jokingly commented that all I could do would be to offer tuition in how to make the perfect salute, or maybe teach some bandaging or aseptic dressing techniques!

So, my question is this - what might encourage you to upgrade your pledge or get someone new to support my story? Please keep it clean, no Carry On Nurse 'Matron, the screens!' 

I'm looking into cotton tote bags, mugs etc, perhaps with a reproduction of the original 'Rank Outsiders' logo, that sort of thing...but, this being very new to me and my not yet obtaining Stephen Fry, Elton John or Sandi Toksvig's mobile numbers, I'd really like to find any realistic ways to encourage more potential supporters to follow your lead and actually part with their spondulicks! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! You can leave any ideas in the comments section - I'd really appreciate your input. 

PS If you're on Facebook, please take a look at my snappily titled (not!) page - 'Supporters of 'This Queer Angel' by Elaine Chambers' - I'm hoping to change it to something more succinct...

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