This Queer Angel

By Elaine Chambers

A nurse's battle against the UK Government after she was sacked from the army for being a lesbian

Monday, 8 October 2018

Holidays?! How very dare they!

Dearest patient pledgers, firstly the solicitor attempting to mitigate the risk of being sued for libel had the temerity (only kidding!) to take a break bang in the middle of the summer, then, would you believe it? Xander, the paperback editor in dire need of cloning to meet the needs of his ever-expanding tally of prospective authors, is currently vacationing...

BUT - the cover is progressing and we creep imperceptibly forward - alas, not in time for me to sell  shedloads of copies at the Festival of Politics at the Scottish Parliament this Friday :-( 

Hopefully I’ll get a few more pledges. Anyway, if you want to be reminded of what the book’s about (it’s been SO long, I’d understand if you’d completely forgotten by now!) why not click on the YouTube search button and type in AK Soufflé, episode 77 then 78? These are the interviews I did in Brighton in the lead up to marching  with the Royal British Legion...I also gave a talk at their kind invitation and attended an incredibly moving ceremony (Last 100 Days) in Ypres. 

If any of you can make it to Edinburgh this Friday, check out Festival of Politics ‘Fighting Proud - LGBT+ and the Military’ - it’s at 18.15-19.45hrs £6/£4 it’d be grand to catch up/say hello afterwards! 

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