This Queer Angel

By Elaine Chambers

A nurse's battle against the UK Government after she was sacked from the army for being a lesbian

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Dad did lose the will to live...

...But we mustn’t, despite the fact that this process seems to be going slower and slower as time lumbers on...I wish I could bring joyous news of a definite date of publication but alas not yet...there are belt and braces, i dotting and t crossing measures needed to ensure neither Unbound nor I end up in court, facing charges of defamation of character/libel! My thought that no one in their right mind would admit to recognising their alias selves if such characters weren’t shown in the nicest of lights can’t guarantee our safety... 

There are elements I am desperate to keep in, as I believe cutting them would weaken the inherent power of the shock value of how I was treated - so there’s a bit of to-ing and fro-ing going on between myself, editors Katy and Xander and the Solicitor upon whose expert legal knowledge we depend. 

As I’m participating in the Festival of Politics at the Scottish Parliament in October, where book signings can be organised, I am desperately hoping we can get through this toughest of stages soon. 

I’m in a difficult position, having written the words that I so want to be read, I now have to await the final, definitive verdict...

If I ever write again, it’ll most definitely be a work of fiction, but I suspect ‘This Queer Angel’ may well end up being my sole effort! 

If any of you are going to be at either Isle of Wight or Brighton Prides, hope to see you there! 


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Linda Kerr
 Linda Kerr says:

Hi Elaine
When are you coming to Edinburgh as I only live a short train journey away so would love to meet you

posted 19th July 2018

Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

Hi Linda,
I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen this! Mainly because the ‘progress’ is so slow, I’ve had nothing to update! I’m taking part this Friday evening, at the Scottish Parliament, so don’t know if you fancy attending the session I’m in? It’s called ‘Fighting Proud - LGBT+ and the Miltary’ and us frim 18.15-19.45, cost £6/£4...(just Google Festival of Politics) - it’s be grand to meet up!

posted 8th October 2018

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