This Queer Angel

By Elaine Chambers

A nurse's battle against the UK Government after she was sacked from the army for being a lesbian

Monday, 7 March 2022

Aaaghh....she's back!

Hello again you lovelinesses! This is a hastily-composed message to let you know that I heard today that, in honour of International Women's Day tomorrow (8th March 2022) my book will be available with a 15% discount. I realise you might not want another copy, but please feel free to let anyone know if you think they might be interested. I'm afraid I'm no longer on any social media, hence this message. I hope this finds you all well, despite the ongoing chaos afoot! Sending love and my eternal gratitude on this, the 3rd anniversary of the publication of This Queer Angel! Tempus really does fugit! X
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Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

PS Forgot to say - Code is PAYGAP15 at the checkout - Curse my dodgy ole hippocampus!

posted 7th March 2022

Sue Hunt
 Sue Hunt says:

Elaine!! Have missed you…please come back to socials or drop me a line.
Sue (was Hunt, now Wigmore-Bond- I married him in lockdown) xx

posted 7th March 2022

Shirley Allison
 Shirley Allison says:

Oh I’m so glad to “hear” from you Elaine. I have shared on fb ! Hope you’re well! Miss seeing your face xx

posted 7th March 2022

Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

SO good to hear from you Sue and Shirley!
Sue: I think I don't have the right contact details got you anymore- I tried messaging a few times but they pinged back! Are you still at address ending 4XR? I'll drop you a line with my details!
And Shirley, ta very muchly for sharing this! I hope you're okay? I miss 'seeing' folk but haven't missed it otherwise...curmudgeonly ole git that I am, lol! X

posted 7th March 2022

Sue Hunt
 Sue Hunt says:

Hiya. No it’s 6BX
Can you email when you get chance?

Hope all well with you honey xx

posted 7th March 2022

Jeanette Matthews
 Jeanette Matthews says:

hi Elaine, i hope you are well. sorry you left FB as it was good to be able to stay in touch even virtually!!

really hope life is being kind to you, any more books in the pipeline? x

posted 7th March 2022

Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

Hi Jeanette,
Lovely to hear from you! I'm okay, older, heavier, but still chugging along! Hope you're okay too - sorry about the anti-social media stance, but I really am becoming more insular the older I get! No more books at the moment, but I'd like to try to write a novel one day, maybe after retirement x

posted 8th March 2022

Su Mayfield
 Su Mayfield says:

Hi Elaine,
Glad to see you! Please write your novel as I really enjoyed "This Queer Angel" as did my friends that I recommended it to. Wishing you good health and happiness. x

posted 11th March 2022

Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

Hi Su,
Lovely to hear from you! I'm afraid I lost lots of contact details when I came off all social media and then changed my phone, so this has been grand! Thank you so much for such kind comments - if I make it to retirement (goddess-willing we all will!) I'd love to try my hand at either a novel, play or screenplay, so watch out Russell T Davies and Julian Fellowes! Hoping you're keeping well, Su xx

posted 13th March 2022

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