This Queer Angel

By Elaine Chambers

A nurse's battle against the UK Government after she was sacked from the army for being a lesbian

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A challenge!

When I started out with this crowdfunding malarkey, I knew it would be a tough call to raise enough money to get this book published. But it didn't matter. The excitement and elation of having found a publisher who thought the story worthy of telling, well, that was simply incredible. 

And now I've had more than 300 people who have also thought Unbound's belief in my story isn't misplaced. That's just astounds and amazes me - YOU astound and amaze me and without wishing to sound trite, I'm honestly humbled and proud. 

So, I continue, so far without the result I'm seeking, to find that elusive corporate donor whose single 'Patron' pledge could bring this vital part of our journey to publication to an end - I've emailed nearly 50 LinkedIn contacts whose job titles relate to Diversity & Inclusion within their companies and organisations, so far no tangible results...

I did get a small feature in the Diva magazine online edition and that's bought in a few pledges. The Army LGBT Forum Annual Conference at RMA Sandhurst also gleaned around 20-25 new supporters. 

The National Army Museum are hoping to include me as an invited speaker at events early next year; I'm in the process of applying to be a speaker at next year's LGBT History Month event; I've also emailed the Diva Literary Festival's organiser with a request to be a participant - Well, I'm working on the premise if I don't ask, I definitely won't get. So these may help.

But, with more than 300 of you, if each of you lovely, discerning supporters wants to expedite this process and help us to get this into your hands as a real, beautiful, high quality, pre-trade, unique, supporters only BOOK, then please accept my challenge - 

Make it your goal to either get just one person to pledge a measly tenner for an ebook (don't worry about whether or not they'll read it!) OR get them to give you that tenner and then add it to your existing pledge. Even with my lousy CSE Grade 4 Maths, I know that raising £3,000 would be quick, comparatively easy and would make a bloody gert dent in my total (ooh er,  Matron, the screens!) - so please, rise to the challenge and let's get this out there! Thank you xx

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