By Erica Buist

Grief, Joy and Spilled Rum at the World’s Death Festivals

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Biscotti, chocolate and dead people (this is how I say hi)

Hello supporters!

I was going to do an update when I reached 20%, but then I remembered that pleasing round numbers aren’t the boss of me, so here is my 19% update.

I just want to say thank you SO much for pledging for This Party's Dead, and in return here are some behind-the-scenes tidbits:

☻ Those of you who pledged to have me bake you traditional Sicilian ‘bones of the dead’ biscotti, I’m going to confess now that I’m learning how to make them in Sicily in November when I’m there for the festival of Ognissanti, but for the sake of transparency I will tweet my early attempts (@ericabuist).

☻ Two people have pledged to have me call them to rap Alphabet Aerobics. Which is great. I learned it as a surprise for my husband Dion on our wedding day, but as fun as it was, if 300 people pledged for that option I’d have a really weird year.

☻ My next deathtival is Nepal in August. Then I’ll be at a writer’s residency in Vermont for the entire month of September, after which the book will be 65% finished.

☻ I’ve started a newsletter about the book journey, which will include things like upcoming podcasts appearances (with promo codes for 10% off) and 60 second videos on what I’m writing this week (first one above). If that appeals you can sign up here: 

☻ When I'm writing, I snack on 100% cacao chocolate and boy, I wish I didn't. It's terrible. 

Do please share the book with anyone you think might be interested - and I’ll be back at another rebelliously non-rounded point in the funding.

All the best/ lots of love/ an awkward hug/ whatever parting greeting is appropriate for our level of acquaintance,



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