The Thirty Five Timely & Untimely Deaths Of Cumberland County

By Mason Ball

1934: a doctor struggles with belief, mortality and murder; a novel inspired by real events

Friday, 5 August 2016

Me! In 3D! Large As Life & Twice As Unnerving!

So. As detailed in the previous shed entry 'Doppelgänger...?', when not writing novels and short stories (see many more examples in the shed -for pledgers only!), I spend my time writing and presenting cabaret shows under the moniker Benjamin Louche.

And next week I present the FINAL performances of a one-man show all about my childhood, my writing and my journey into cabaret, entitled 'Being Louche'.

Behold! My flyer and accompanying blurb:

louche [loosh]
Of questionable taste or morality; decadent, dubious, shady; disreputable or sordid in a rakish or appealing way.


What makes an outwardly normal little boy from a well-balanced family grow up to be a hyperbolic, aberrant and painted purveyor of morally questionable entertainment?

Through song, soliloquy and singular shtick, rant, rhyme and unreason, Benjamin Louche (winner 'Best Host' at the 2014 London Cabaret Awards) charts his slow and worrying malformation from wannabe actor to am dram munchkin, to big screen mummy, from malcontent mime to wannabe novelist, into the dark, the disquieting and the quintessentially LOUCHE.

After a sold-out first run, Benjamin Louche ('Best Host', 2014 London Cabaret Awards) returns for an evening of song, shtick, rhyme and unreason.


Tuesday August 9th

Wednesday August 10th


Audience reaction to Being Louche:

"A triumph. A feast of first rate storytelling and song." - Desmond O'Connor, singer/songwriter, cabaret institution

"Dark, humane and wickedly funny." -Toby Whithouse, writer/creator Being Human, The Game

"An unsettling delight. A provocative peek into a dangerously creative mind." - Anna Richards, author Little Gods

"Superb show, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!" - Ginger Blush, burlesque performer extraordinaire

"Absolutely awesome!" - Marnie Scarlet, rubberist performance legend

"Fantastic show!" - Mr. Von Hugo, Flaneur, Auteur, Artist

"Awesome!" - Abi Blaine, sultry starlet, host and singer

"I continue to be haunted." - Tricity Vogue, ukulele goddess




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