Think like a Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics

By Emilia Leese and Eva Charalambides

Thought-provoking essays and exercises to show how vegan ethics can improve the lives of everyone

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

We went live on the BBC to help you have very happy vegan holidays!

Today, BBC World News invited us to participate in a segment about vegan Christmas

You can imagine how excited we were.

Emi went to Broadcasting House in London, and Eva connected with Skype from Toronto.



Journalist and presenter, Geeta Guru-Murthy, hosted us and we spoke about Think Like a Vegan, veganism and Christmas and Hanukkah foods!  See the clip in the linked video. 

Thank you, Geeta!!! And thank you BBC producers for finding us at Unbound and taking such good care of us!! 

If anyone wants us to come over and chat on their podcasts, radio shows or any other TV programs, we would be delighted to come chat!

And because it's the giving season, we've got you covered for vegan Christmas and Hanukkah.

Yes, these are all vegan:

Keep spreading the word about Think Like A Vegan and be sure to check out the new pledge, the vegan Burns Night Supper on 25 January, which makes for a great gift and a superior bargain.

With love and gratitude, 

Emi & Eva


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