Think like a Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics

By Emilia Leese and Eva Charalambides

Thought-provoking essays and exercises to show how vegan ethics can improve the lives of everyone

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

BIG NEWS! Cover reveal and more

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It's the one year anniversary of funding Think Like a Vegan! And to celebrate, we have three thrilling updates for you. We're sharing them here first as a way of thanking you, our supporters, without whom this book could never have happened. Drum roll please...

Our cover reveal!

Unbound's art director, Mark Ecob (@mecobtweets), created this eye-catching cover for our book. We're delighted with it and hope you are too. It's bold and demands attention, just like our topic. We can't wait to see it on shelves.

Second, our book will be available as an audiobook in all English-language selling territories and on most of the mainstream audiobook platforms worldwide. Once again, the Unbound team has been amazing in facilitating this, so can continue to help promote accessibility in the vegan community. We may have shed a few tears when we got this news (definitlely). 

Third, we're on schedule for a publication date of May 2021! Emi has already had her first anxiety dream about the book, so this tells you the level of excitement all around. Stay tuned for that date and for when you can expect shipping info for pre-orders.

Speaking of which, pre-orders help authors tremendously, so please share the news about our book with your friends. Copies can still be purchased at this link: Think Like a Vegan is popping up elsewhere, too! Look for us in your favourite bookshop, on or anywhere else you buy books. 

With endless gratitude because we wouldn't be here without you,

Emi & Eva

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Andrew Smith
 Andrew Smith says:

I can’t wait for the book. My only worry is that the subtitle will put non vegans off, as it could appear arrogant.

posted 3rd February 2021

Michail Drakomathioulakis
 Michail Drakomathioulakis says:

To be honest, I prefer the mock-up cover, although, I have to admit, a light bulb has probably nothing to do with veganism.
I agree with Andrew Smith, the subtitle is quite arrogant: it might be a good advertising slogan for the campaign, but not for the cover...

posted 3rd February 2021

Emilia Leese
 Emilia Leese says:

We're delighted to see our book is already prompting strong reactions and opinions! Thank you both for commenting.

posted 4th February 2021

Jacqueline Guerin
 Jacqueline Guerin says:

'What can everyone learn from vegan ethics?'
would appear less arrogant?
Although I didn't read it as arrogant myself.

posted 4th February 2021

Emma Osborne
 Emma Osborne says:

I wonder if "Keep Your Friends" would be considered more or less arrogant by non-vegans? ;)

posted 16th February 2021

Michail Drakomathioulakis
 Michail Drakomathioulakis says:

@Emma Osborne
How so???

posted 25th February 2021

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