Things I Learned from Mario's Butt

By Laura Kate Dale

A compendium and critique of the most beautiful, bulbous and downright dangerous video game butts.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Mario's Butt is Finalised For the Printers

Hey Everyone

So, in long overdue news, the final version of Things I Learned From Mario's Butt is locked in. We're done. Every backer's name is in the book, every page has been checked by a bunch of editors, and we're preeeeety sure there's no spelling erros left, fingers crossed haha.

The final version of the book that will be sent to the printers is done, and at some point in the next few days, you should get an automated email to that effect from Unbound.

There's still several months until the book will be in your hands, but we will be using that time to prepare backer rewards etc. We're still on track to release in early 2021, so finally the book will be in your hands before too long <3

Thank you so much everyone for your patience while we make this book the best it can be.


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Dominic Ellis
 Dominic Ellis says:

Can’t wait to read it, Laura!

posted 5th August 2020

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