Things I Learned from Mario's Butt

By Laura Kate Dale

A compendium and critique of the most beautiful, bulbous and downright dangerous video game butts.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Mario's Butt Has a Release Window

Hello All

I know things have been a little slow on the news front for Things I Learned From Mario's Butt, but I have been waiting until I have some substantial news to share.

The short version - We have a release month planned, October 2020.

I know that may be a little further in the future than some of you may have been hoping, but I promise the wait will be worth it. This is the most proud I have ever been of a single piece of work I have produced, and I want to make sure we take the time to get it perfect, rather than simply releasing it as soon as possible. The number of amazing developer and critic guests involved is amazing, and I can't believe I've been lucky enough to work on this project with so many of my dream colaborators.

The art and words are all complete, and the next few months are going to be spent locking down the visual design, graphic design, and layouts. We should be sending the book to the printers in spring 2020, and out in full release in October 2020.

I'm sorry that there's still a little while to wait, but trust me, I'm as eager to see it released as you are.

Thank you all so much for your support.

I can't wait for March to arrive.

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 L S says:

That is fine. After a year of waiting it will feel like a free gift (who remembers their year old impulse spending anyway)! :D Happens all the time with crowdfunded stuff.

posted 11th November 2019

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