Things I Learned from Mario's Butt

By Laura Kate Dale

A compendium and critique of the most beautiful, bulbous and downright dangerous video game butts.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

A new Laura Kate Dale book!

Hi All.

Thank you so much again everyone who picked up a Things I Learned From Mario's Butt. The response to the book was delightful, and it was lovely seeing so many people have fun reading through it.

I'm dropping you a message today to let you know that I have another new book currently crowdfunding on Unbound.

The book is called Who Hunts The Whale?, and it is a novel I'm writing alongside my wife, Jane Magnet. It's set in a fictional AAA video game studio called Supremacy Software, and follows a year at the company from the perspective of a PA, sat in on boardroom meetings being held by the company's exploitative abusive executives. It's satire, but very much based on real world video game development practices many of you will be familiar with.

If you're someone who loves video games, but wishes they were made under more ethical conditions, and employed fewer manipulative tactics to squeeze money from players, this is a book you're going to love.

Here's the link:

I really hope you check it out. It's my first time publishing fiction, and writing with my wife, and we're both very proud of what we've come up with. I just finished the first draft of the book today, and can't wait to get it out into the world.

Thanks for your support.


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