The Motel

By Claire Manumission

A memoir of misdaventures in 90s Ibiza.

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Motel, Madness & Vice!

Dear Moteliers,

The Motel is 94% funded as I write this. The 100% target is almost tangible!

Very excited to be sharing an excerpt from the manuscript here published in Vice.

Here's what the mighty Chas Smash from Madness had to say:

“Excellent writing, gripping flow, love the characters and the mission impossible of the vision. Brava! Bring on the book. The story needs to be heard. Historical. Gritty & sensual. Counter culture lives & breaths in the words. More please. Shades of Hunter Thompson meets Bukowski.” 

In this spirit please feel free to share the excerpt with any like-minded souls who might enjoy it.

Love and thanks for your continued support. 

The Manumission Mrs... Xx 


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