The Green Hill

By Sophie Pierce

Letters to a son

Thursday, 8 April 2021

The old stones

Dear friends, 

I hope you are well and enjoying springtime. 

Living on Dartmoor, I am fortunate to be in an area with one of the largest concentrations of Bronze Age remains in Western Europe. I've always been fascinated by the mysterious stone circles, stone rows and standing stones these people left behind. The picture above is of the stone row at Drizzlecombe, which has the highest terminal stone on Dartmoor. I've written a piece about these monuments, and how they link me to Felix, which has been published by Little Toller Books in their online journal The Clearing.   This is a subject I also look at in The Green Hill.  

The book is now 80% funded and I am so grateful for your support. With any luck and a fair wind, I should be over the line soon (she says crossing everything). If there is anyone you know who might be interested in the project, do please forward them the link:

With warm wishes, 




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