The Wrong Story

By James Ellis

A cartoonist awakes to find his characters' lives more real than his own

Monday, 13 July 2020

The Wrong Story characters

Hello - when I first saw the picture below I thought it was so wonderful I actually cried. The brilliant artist Huy Truong has completely nailed the look, the tone and the characters in The Wrong Story - the grimy reality of life outside their creator’s (Tom) cartoon strip, Scraps’s roll-up, Plenty (a troubled cat with a violent past), the skanky Pelican, Billy the Hedgehog, the Always Angry Restaurant Owner holding the newspaper in which she discovered they weren’t ‘real’, the graffiti as Tom’s psyche breaks into their world, the shimmering light marking the boundary of his imagination, the door to the restaurant's kitchen.

I love it so much I want to share it with you.

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Kevin Venus
 Kevin Venus says:

Wow - when they say a good ‘picture says 1000 words’, it genuinely does. I too can immediately recognise the characters from your book.

Amazing artwork.

posted 13th July 2020

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