The Wrong Story

By James Ellis

A cartoonist awakes to find his characters' lives more real than his own

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Great & The Good Gather

<the patrons of The Wrong Story sit down in a restless manner – they are busy people>

Hello. It’s been more than two months since I updated you on The Wrong Story. The main news is that there has been a reprint. Eagle-eyed reader Mr Mark Davis spotted an anomaly that had slipped past the eyes of the finest editors and the not so finest of authors (me). Hem.

<people stare, stony-eyed>

Anyway, there is now an updated page 52. I see this as a big opportunity for future literary auctions.

Do you ever wonder what happened to the characters Tom Hannah, Gerard Borkmann and Germaine Kiecke? Possibly not. But I do – or rather I did. They are now the stars of my new book, An Other’s Look. So I know exactly what happens to them – and its not what I expected!

<a siren goes off - crowdfunding alert>

At this point I have to ‘fess up. I’m going to talk about An Other’s Look a bit more and as this is a forum for supporters of The Wrong Story I won’t mind at all if you want to leave now. You’ve already done a huge amount.

<people look around nervously and some get up and go>

Still here? Thank you. I just wanted to say that Unbound have the first option on the book rights of my second novel (An Other’s Look) and I’m excited to say that they want to publish it. But this time I want to make sure everyone who pledges for An Other’s Look gets a paperback copy unless they explicitly pledge for a digital version only. That makes a lot more sense to me because it’s like pre-ordering the novel with the reward on top.

So, I am on the campaign trail again.

<restless buzz – shaking of heads and rolling of eyes - some people throw their papers on the floor>

If you would like to learn more about An Other’s Look, and perhaps support the publication of the book by pledging for rewards, including a copy of the paperback and your name in the book, then please follow this link.

Thank you very much.

<exits quickly>

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