The Wrong Story

By James Ellis

A cartoonist awakes to find his characters' lives more real than his own

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Eyes Have It

Hello treasured supporters of The Wrong Story and shed-invitees - I thought I'd give you an update on how things are going: pledging and editing.

Pledging: as I write we're at 57%. I still have an innate disinclination to ask people but I'm getting much better , although every time I see a pledge I still want to send flowers.

Apart from direct emails, telephone calls and DMs on twitter, I have also set up a Facebook account specifically for The Wrong Story. If I haven't already sent you a request to join, I will (if you're on Facebook, that is). Thanks to supporters Sally for suggesting the idea and Joe and Dale who gave up an entire weekend to help me as I am an FB novice. I say 'help me' - they did it all while I fluttered around asking dumb questions. (btw, if you've seen the site you'll know to what the 'eyes' in the title of this post refer.)

I have also written articles for trade magazines (I'll send you the links) and I hope to be attending some book and reading groups, and creative writing classes, to explain more about my novel and crowdfunding in general. Perhaps the most direct action I'm considering is a sort of verbal busking of the novel in the town centre, with leaflets and links to the Unbound site.

Editing: I've found there's a big difference between hoping I'll be published, and knowing I will. It sharpens the editing knife. So I'm taking as much time as possible to polish every chapter,  page, paragraph and sentence. I'm going to start the beta-reading process soon which is both exciting and scary.

It feels a bit like the post-production of a film. I'm looking for continuity errors, jerky movements, inconsistent voices, implausible dialogue, characters looking at the camera and so on. Have I stood them up before I've sat them down? Are they earning their keep or just hanging around on a page, getting in the way.

So I'd better get to it. More news soon. And if I haven't already said thank you enough, thank you. I'll set up an account with a florist soon.



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