The Wrong Story

By James Ellis

A cartoonist awakes to find his characters' lives more real than his own

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The characters begin to gather...

Hello fellow shed-dwellers. Watch out for the garden rake and be careful of the seed potatoes...

I thought you might like to know a bit more about The Wrong Story such as who are the main characters.

Well, thanks to you wonderful people we're 15% funded now, so some of my characters are starting to show up for work. You can imagine them hanging around in the wings if you like, or just outside the covers of the book, learning their lines, getting ready to play their parts on the pages, sipping coffee and checking their twitter hashtags.

The big man with his cold-lidded eyes and wildly extravagant moustache, looking sloppy in his dressing gown and slippers? That's the protagonist, Tom Hannah - Thomas Andrew Stevenson Hannah to be precise, more commonly known as Tash. He's a successful cartoonist, artist and recluse. He's the one that falls off the roof. Don't be fooled by his dishevelled appearance. He likes his art clean, minimalist and ultra-pure. He'd like his life like that, too. At least he thinks he would...

Pacing backwards and forwards and muttering into his phone is Tom's agent, Gerard Borkmann. Bald and shiny and stick-thin he looks like he could have been carved from wood several centuries ago.  He wasn't, but some say his heart is pure coal. He's here because Tom is here. But more of that later.

The woman with the earnest expression, the short black hair, the over-sized glasses and the book - that's Germaine Kiecke. She's an art-academic; a Belgian; into the theory and philosophy of art and the lives of the artists. She writes for niche art magazines and presents a late-night arts programme called, Kiecke in Conversation. We won't get to see much of her but what she says and writes is crucial to the development of the story.

Ah - I can hear some more voices in the corridor... and a kind of beating of wings. I think that must be Scraps and Co arriving....

I'll leave it there for the moment and introduce some more of my characters, including this crew, later. It's getting pretty cosy in the shed but there's still plenty of room for more.

Thanks again for all your pledges, I'll update you on progress again, soon.



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