The Wrong Story

By James Ellis

A cartoonist awakes to find his characters' lives more real than his own

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas present idea!

Ho ho ho, as the jolly fat one says - but I will lose weight next year. Hem. Anyway. I thought I'd update you on how the year has gone, and how you have made it a good one for me, for which I want to thank you. As you know, The Wrong Story was published in March and launched in Bath and in London. It has had four re-prints and a fith is imminent, which I think is good going, and it's up for two prizes, the McKitterick Prize and the Golden Tentacle Award.

I hope that some, most, if not all, of you have had a chance to read it. It would be astonishing if it were univerally adored and I know it can't possibly be everbody's book of choice. But if you have read it and you would like to give me a Christmas present then please write an Amazon review. Good, bad or indifferent, the reviews are so important. (And to those of you who already have, thank you very much.)

In other news, I have completed a second novel, The Other's Look (I'm still wrestling with the apostrophe), which includes three of the characters from TWS, had a few short stories published - Early Days, The Beast and Coming Out Of The Upstairs - and written two radio plays.

So, it's been a good writerly year. In many ways this is thanks to you for giving me momentum and encouragement by investing in, and being enthusiastic about, the TWS project.

As is customary at this time of year, I will end with a joke or two - actually three. They're my favourite jokes from this year's Edinburgh Fringe, so credit where credit due.

  • “I’ve given up asking rhetorical questions. What’s the point?”, Alexei Sayle.
  • “I have two boys, 5 and 6. We’re no good at naming things in our house”, Ed Byrne.
  • “I went to a Pretenders gig. It was a tribute act”, Tim Vine.

Happy holidays,


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Joe Ellis
 Joe Ellis says:

5 re-prints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 15th December 2017

Paul Campy
 Paul Campy says:

Great to hear the good news, especially the second novel. Have a successful and inspired 2018!

posted 16th January 2018

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