Monday, 29 October 2018

Hi - I thought I'd update you on the latest episode in the travels of The Wrong Story. It's on sale in the Arnolfini bookshop!!! (Three exclamation marks means I'm very excited. Four and I wouldn't be able to type.) Arnolfini, the centre for contemporary arts in Bristol is EXACTLY the place I'd love to see my (our) book, nestling amongst all those other books I yearn to buy whenever I go there. Tom Hannah would love it too - and he's not even real. And Scraps would go nuts (he is real, right?)

Amyway, I took about thirty photographs of my book on sale in the Arnolfini bookshop (I love saying that). I was going to send them all to you but my broadband isn't broad enough. So here are two.

In other news, the follow on book, An Other's Look is 85% funded!!! It's almost there. One final nudge and it goes to the Unbound editors. Yikes.



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Paul Campy
Paul Campy says:

Keep going, nearly there!

October 31, 2018

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