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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Eccleston Square Walk - Sunday 12 May 2-4pm


An update from Roger about the Eccleston Square pledge level, which will be taking place on Sunday 12 May 2-4pm. 

'Come and join me in Eccleston Square Garden. In the middle of London, essentially it is a walled garden with the walls 60 feet high and heated! This means we can grow tender things that would not survive in other places. The garden like most squares has a lot of planes so also a lot of shade, So, we have a National Collection of Ceanothus (70) which does well in shade. Climbing roses do well too as they fight to get up to the light, the garden is full of them (45), many will be in flower for your visit. A glass of wine and a Wild Food snack included. Children welcome (free).' 

If you have not pledged to this level and would like to do so to join Roger, you can upgrade your pledge. Instructions on how to do so here.

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Phillip Bennett-Richards
 Phillip Bennett-Richards says:

Any news about possible dates for the seaside forage?

posted 14th March 2019

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