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The Wake

A post-apocalyptic novel set in 1066 by Paul Kingsnorth

Review for The Wake

I have very much enjoyed reading The Wake. The taste of its language still lingers, like strong mead. It paints a powerful picture of "Angland" at the time of the Norman invasion. I do have some historical reservations - how likely is it that the old pagan gods would still have such a follower as Buccmaster, by then? What to make of the ecological message, maybe more at home in our own time than the eleventh century? But on the whole, I recommend the book as an engagingly-told tale and a brave effort at entering the different and difficult country of the past and seeing it with fresh eyes. I have to agree that the "open spine" is not at all a good idea. It looks unfinished, and what's worse, the book is now falling apart - the back cover split off when I was only half-way through reading. This detracts from what is otherwise a very well-presented volume.