The Very F*cking Tired Mummy

By Martyna Wiśniewska Michalak

A deeply relatable, laugh-out-loud funny parenting book about an exhausted and snack-addicted mummy

Sunday, 6 June 2021

88%, Thank You!

We are almost at 90%, almost made it to the end of crowdfunding! How amazing are you? I'm quite sure we can finish this effort soon. So, please pledge if you haven't! Get a copy for a friend! Get a copy for your enemy, as a passive aggressive way to tell them to ***** their perfect parenting! I can not wait to start the long publishing process with Unbond, a little scared of it too I must admit! Now that my kid is almost back to school, I`ll have more time for work and updates. If there's anything you would wish to know- please comment!

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