The Very F*cking Tired Mummy

By Martyna Wiśniewska Michalak

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A deeply relatable, laugh-out-loud funny parenting book about an exhausted and snack-addicted mummy

Publication date: March 2023
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About the book

Have your kids ever shaved the dog? Or decided pants are optional? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Parenting is hard and this mummy is f*cking tired. 

Inspired by the story of a beloved caterpillar, The Very F*cking Tired Mummy is an all-too-relatable tale of the frustration, exhaustion and sometimes unexpected joy of parenthood.

Here we follow the journey of one mummy over the course of a week, taking everything life throws at her with a side of wine, coffee, chocolate from last Christmas, the kids’ leftover lunch and even the occasional dog treat.

It will comfort anyone for whom eight hours of sleep seems like a distant memory, and serve as a welcome reminder that sometimes, just sometimes, we all need a break…

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