The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

What is The Silent Unwinding?

When you work on a book it evolves over time. This book began in paintings made over years. Tweets around this time of year grew into a lullaby thread. I hadn't wanted to do an 'advent calendar', not being a fan of Christmas ( though I am thinking of doing a reverse one- that moves away from Christmas day to a place of safety where false jollity fades and light returns to the world).

Along the way an idea formed. I meet many people who tell me they have taken up their pencils again, paint, pen, begun to write, paint, stitch as a result of something I have said, or done. This one is for them, whatever age. So, let me try to tell you what The Silent Unwinding is....first, read this photograph....


It took some explaining to Unbound, but I am so glad they have allowed this to happen. At it's most basic this is what happens. All of The Unwinding first edition is printed. Then the black plate that carries the text is removed ( this is what happens fro co-editions and then the next language is inserted, designed) and a new batch of the books are printed. This time where there was text, now there is space. So imagine this, click on the image to make it bigger:

Now, in your mind's eye, imagine the words gone.

See the space.

This now is yours. Like a colouring in book, but for writers...... you can fill this space with your own version of the story that the image, that sings to your soul, or continue the moths, the birds, fill the space with vines and twine them around who ever. It's like a luxurious notebook, though one that someone has already drawn in.

Notebooks are always hard to break into. I have different ones for different things and am learning not to be precious, to write in the drawing books and draw in the writing books, not ever to worry when stories peter out, wander off, just write. So, this is my hope. And if you pledge for The Silent Unwinding then my hope is that there will be a # that we can share, to build a community of scrapbookers, diarists, writers, doodlers who will share on social media.

On 7th December Number Seven will release their idea for the book launch into a wider world. Sign up to their newsletter now if you want advance knowledge of this... we are hoping it will be good and there will be time to play with copies of The Silent Unwinding.

Light is fading from the day. I'm working on another book at the moment, but waiting to see what else Alison has made to happen with my words and images. Timings are tight both for the deadline of the book I am working on and fo rthe Unwinding as we wish to publish in May. I need to see the sunset on the beach. Today I walked at the airfield where there are small flocks of birds. The fire is burning downstairs in the stove and the cats are gathering in the warm in a cwtch.

I hope you like the idea of The Silent Unwinding. I hope I have explained it well enough. It will be the same size as The Unwinding, which is small, portable. Maybe it will have a ribbon. I'm not sure yet.

You can increase your pledge level to add this, or simply buy copies of The Silent Unwinding. If you've questions about the mechanics of ordering you need to talk to Unbound's support staff. There's also info here. And if you have questions about the book, in either of its forms then leave me a message. I will try to check back and see what's happening. Fingers crossed that you like this idea. Sorry it couldn't be ready for Christmas. But then a book is for life, not just for Christmas.

Oh and we call it The Silent Unwinding because our hope is that the stories and layout without the words will play through your dreams like a silent movie.

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Mark McBride
 Mark McBride says:

How wonderful a prospect this sounds, I'm definitely very keen to add this treasure to my pledges. Hopefully Unbound can put together a better way of adding it to existing pledges so that as many people can enjoy this. Seems like there's a big hole in the options for adding a signed Silent Unwinding, or the book at all to pledge levels that were higher than an unsigned or signed copy of The Unwinding. These things can start to look horribly complex when there are lots of different rewards, I know, but I'm sure they can work out a way to do it!

posted 5th December 2019

Kathy Jones
 Kathy Jones says:

Sounds like another amazing idea Jackie. I love the thought of using that space. You described it well. I’ll look at how to support and pledge through Unbound. Enjoy your walks in the gloaming! Best wishes Kathy

posted 5th December 2019

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

Thank you. And yes, Mark, it does seem rather difficult to upgrade. I will ask them about this.

posted 5th December 2019

Caitlin Harvey
 Caitlin Harvey says:

Upgrades from your account should be quite simple, but there's a handy help article here which explains how to upgrade:

posted 5th December 2019

Maria Lewis
 Maria Lewis says:

Well, what a wonderful prospect with The Silent Unwinding. I followed the instructions provided by Caitlin and hopefully it works out. I too struggle with journals and too much discipline in an effort to be creative ... I’m currently trying to find my way through, writing in two places, one which just “feels” unsatisfactory, and then I found a third which suited me better than both of the previous places. There is something in the journey - I will find it. Looking forward to holding The Unwinding and starting the adventure. Here’s to the light.

posted 5th December 2019

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

Thanks Maria. Sometimes it's a good idea to just throw discipline out of the window. There are days when I write a few thousand words, others when I write eleven and cross out three...... and also many things I have started that now and again I find in notebooks, and am surprised, feeling like maybe they were written by someone else. Love writing with pen, and also on typewriter.

posted 5th December 2019

Lora Waring
 Lora Waring says:

oh YES please! More wonderfulness. More magic. Thank you (and now to figure out the pledging part)

posted 5th December 2019

Jenna Walker
 Jenna Walker says:

I have such a problem with notebooks - a real love/hate relationship. I used to never have the right one nearby or it was the wrong size for the bag I was using or it was earmarked for something else and so not right for what I needed right at that moment!! I have very many half used/unused/nearly used notebooks (all beautiful) but I keep them all and, whilst I am no writer, the stuff in them comes in handy.

I'm just about to finish recording an album where the beginnings of the title song were written in the back of a notebook (but not my 'song' notebook!) over 3 years ago...

I now try to use one book for everything and doodle, use colour, capitals and anything I think of to mark out what the notes relate to - it seems to be working and is far less frustrating!

Looking forward to having a copy of this one for when I need a new one.


posted 9th December 2019

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