The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Silent Unwinding - Readers' Gallery

The Unwinding and its partner, The Silent Unwinding, have been out in the world for a while now. I've been working away in mine, because over the weeks a new book began to grow. But that, for now, is another story, though hard to describe what it will be. Curiously, as a result, most of what has been worked into my Silent Unwinding has been words.

Others have responded with words, images, ink, paint, collections of photographs, memories, wishes, desires. We asked and still ask people to send in their images to begin to form a gallery. You can email them to and we also respect that some people will wish just to keep their thoughts private, but then, if you have a copy and are happy to send us an image so we can see where it is, that would be wonderful to. Thank you to all who have sent it so far.

The first edition sold through fast and the new edition should be in, hot off the press soon and available through indie bookshops and Solva Wollen Mill and Kenilworth Books where Tamsin Rosewell is reworking the Tempest on its pages in ink, and Number Seven Dulverton... and more. Blackwell's in Oxford and Kenilworth will soon have small colouring in sheets to download, and I am working with Unbound to make a high end large version on beautiful paper that can be painted then framed. If this works it will become part of a series. And there is a jigsaw soon.

So you can draw, colour, piece together images from the book while listening to the audio book which is for sale through Unbound and will soon be on Audible.


I am finding a new unwinding in the space between letters and the colour of gold and soon also in wings. I hope that some of you who have supported this will come to the next placeof leaf thoughts and strangeness. I have to warn you that it won't be the same. For this now is done, and has to live its own wild life.

But it will be a soul song. I hope it will be beautiful. Even its title is complicated to talk about. I will have to show you. My hope is that it will be the best I can do, for now. 

I've a winged badger who will be for sale soon. He/she is  the proof page from The Silent Unwinding and I have given her/him wings, and small leaves beneath feet. Shaman badger with teapot, part print, part painting. I'm away from home at the moment, in the land of heat and dust ( England- the Cotswolds, and acyually it is most beautiful here) and will pop up for sale on my website when I get home. It's only small, the size of the book. I'm going to give a couple of the proof sheets to Tamsin Rosewell to paint on, to sell, to get books into food banks.

For now, may you find peace. 

And before I go I must mention this. It has close connections to The Unwinding. It is Reading by Bearlight, and for sale from Penguin Books in aid of the Literacy Trust. £85 for 85 days.

Thank you. x

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Ceacy Henderson
 Ceacy Henderson says:

Good morning Jackie I ordered both books I live in United States and I have never received my books and I have written to unbound but have yet to receive an answer on why I have not received my books, my name is Ceacy Henderson and I was one of your sponsors

posted 10th August 2020

Liz Evans
 Liz Evans says:

Did you confirm your email address with Unbound? I’ve only just realized I was supposed to d9 this... and have on,y just done it now! I hope to receive my copies

posted 10th August 2020

Charlotte Tefft
 Charlotte Tefft says:

I am avoiding reading Jackie's posts. They use to be the light in my day. Also living in the USA. Isolated at my home, which is lovely, since March 10th. One day out, then even the safe place closed. My enthusiasm and support through Unbound began last October. The Unwinding, The Silent Unwinding and the Hare. The Silent unwinding arrived because I "did not request a signed copy" For sure I confirmed my address and got a smile on my face. Now back to a depression.....way too much time to have to self inspire. Have done a lot of that. BTY: Solva Woolen Mills sent The House Without Windows much more promptly. They have signed copies of the Unwinding. May order through Ann, then gift the copy when Unbound finally follows through. The world is sad, was looking for comfort from Jackie Morris's magic.

posted 10th August 2020

Adriana Pisano Beaumont
 Adriana Pisano Beaumont says:

Reading the comments above and acknowledging that I, too, have yet to receive my copy here in Canada. I reached out to customer support and received the following reply:
"Hi Adriana, Good news! I heard from our warehouse this morning to say Song of the Golden Hare had arrived so copies should start dispatching on Monday. Best wishes, Catherine"
I hope this is an indication that those still waiting will soon receive their copies.

posted 10th August 2020

Kimberly Rae
 Kimberly Rae says:

I live in Australia and my copy arrived safe and sound a week and a half ago. Hang in there guys. I'm sure your books will arrive. The post is a bit crazy at the moment. It truly is a beautiful little book. Lovely to open to a page and drift away with it. Thank you Jackie.

posted 11th August 2020

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

I think the US postal service has become a nightmare for those of us wishing to send things to the States. I am not at all sure what is happening, but I have managed to send a couple of things through, though you would think it was by Pony Express and the horse swam an ocean.
Sorry if people are having trouble. I was wondering what had happened to The Golden Hare also.
Things are still so difficult in publishing. Warehouses are struggling to get things out, printers also, UK is going to hit Brexit chaos soon. And personally, well, I keep thinking I am ok, but if I remove myself from the comfort blanket of work I flounder and thrash and feel dreadful.
So, I am going to draw.
I have alerted the staff at Unbound to the problems people are having.
For restful times can I recommend downloading the audio book, which should be delivered through the magic of internet. Beth and Ben have done the most beautiful thing in creating a soundscape for the book. I think I might listen while I draw.
And there's something new coming soon.

posted 17th August 2020

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