The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Small miracles in times of stress

I'm so sorry for the silence on the progress of The Unwinding. Times have not been good, and we are all dealing with incredible challenges. I've been away from home now since February, only touching base for an  evening before returning to Broadway. My father was ill, and on 7th March he met death with a brave heart and no fear. Our family are still reeling from this and struggling to cope with trying to have a funeral when restaurants are shut, churches are shut, gatherings are limited. 

During all this time I have been trying to finish The Lost Spells, and this is now done. It feels as if in some ways there has never been a better time for The Unwinding. We need places of peace in which to rest out souls. I hope The Silent Unwinding in particular will be one of these.

Today I picked up teh proofs for the two books, in Jaffe and Neale, from John. I've not settled to look properly yet. This is the first time I have seen the work on the page. The size is just right. Small enough to echo the intimate creature that was the medieval Book of Hours. I hope the heft of the bound book will add to this echo.

I've written about today on my blog, so rather than repeat here, please follow the link to that. I found the most remarkable place in which to bide my time, with larksong and fieldfare and pattern and air, light and shadow and dancing stones. 

Time is a strange thing. I am wearing my father's watch. I have his typewriter and wish to write about him. I may take the typewriter to the stones to do this. I need peace of mind to understand what is happening, and there seems to be so much confusion. My dad was such a lovely man. Watching him draw was the very thing that drew me in to this world of books, reading, this community of the literate, this place of readers and librarians, booksellers and writers, publishers and editors that is my family now.

The Unwinding will be going to press soon. I have picked up a couple of things, checking the proofs, but once these are sorted the button will be pressed. I hope it gives people something of what they need in these difficult times.

Stay safe, be kind. Don't allow those who are hate filled to enter your life. Be extra kind, polite, to those key workers who make our lives possible. Smile when you can. And if you hear a lark sing, then stop for a while to listen.

I'm away to check proofs and think on my pa. He was curious wise to the last.

I'm home next Thursday. I think I may just sit on the hill for a day, watch the tide come in, go out, listen to the birds. 

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Linda Place
 Linda Place says:

So sorry for your loss Jackie. This is a lovely tribute to your dear Dad. He sounds like a lovely man. Stay safe and take the time you need to grieve. Sending love.

posted 23rd March 2020

Rebecca Field
 Rebecca Field says:

I am also sorry for the death of your Father. I am certain that the love between you will show itself in your future work. XxX

posted 23rd March 2020

Ruth Stevens
 Ruth Stevens says:

I'm so sorry for the loss of your father dear Jackie. Take your time to grieve, everything else will fall into place. Much love xxx

posted 23rd March 2020

Julie Turner
 Julie Turner says:

So sorry to hear of your loss. “Still reeling” is entirely as it is, (we lost my Dad at Christmas) and I think that standard time becomes an irrelevance. Take your family time, your time in the wild places with your thoughts, follow your inclinations and listen to the wind.
Do not let other pressures and worldly requirements intrude too much. Look after yourself and your people. We, your audience and readers, know that your gift and passion for what you do comes from deep inside and runs through your being like the gold threads in your beautiful artworks. We wish you well, send you love and we can wait . Xxx

posted 23rd March 2020

Liz Thompson
 Liz Thompson says:

All my love and sympathy for your loss and grieving. Times are hard and we can’t see the end, but there are good, honest, loving people in the world who will always struggle to their last breath to improve things and help others. I’m 71 and now staying firmly indoors (back to back, no garden,), but books and crafts are my comfort. I shall read, sew, knit and weave. And talk to my friends by phone and all the amazing electronic gadgets that will help us through this. Stay safe, my love to you and all your family. I am looking forward to The Unwinding, it’s just what I need.

posted 23rd March 2020

Elspeth Tavaci
 Elspeth Tavaci says:

So sorry to hear about your Father. It made me quite tearful. I found the biggest comfort was keeping some of my parents possessions that spark good memories of them so you are doing the right thing. Having his typewriter and watch will keep him near and it is good to keep talking about him and writing about him. We need to do that. It keeps them with us. Both my father and mother loved books and we are and always will be a family of book lovers and I'm eternally grateful to them for gifting us that love of books.

Keep talking and writing about your Father - never stop. Dedicate this book to him.
He has given us you and your books and that is an amazing thing to have done. I thank him.

posted 23rd March 2020

Sara Clemence
 Sara Clemence says:

I am very sorry for your loss. When my father died, feeling lost, I discovered the solace of poetry. Firstly, reading and then trying to write. Poetry, long walks and trees were the best comfort. I'm incredibly grateful for that.
Very much looking froward to The Unwinding - it will be just what we all need. In your own time ...

posted 23rd March 2020

Stephanie Samphire
 Stephanie Samphire says:

I am so sorry for your loss, Jackie. Please don't feel any pressure on our end. Take the time you need to grieve and recover.

posted 23rd March 2020

Lesley Peters
 Lesley Peters says:

Dear Jackie my thoughts are with you.
Take comfort in all the good memories you have hold close to those who shared your love for him and the sadness will come and go like the tide in great waves and softer ripples but it will change and the pain decrease, it will take you to a softer place.

posted 23rd March 2020

Lisa Quattromini
 Lisa Quattromini says:

Sending love and the hope that you can find solace in your world in these strange times, Jackie. Take care kind heart xx

posted 23rd March 2020

Karen Garner
 Karen Garner says:

Sending Deep Peace and Divine LOve Jackie to you and you family and of course your Dad, as you navigate this very sad time. Much LOve xxxxx

posted 23rd March 2020

Sam Burns
 Sam Burns says:

I'm so sorry for your loss. When loved ones move on, there is a hole that aches; fill it with the memories of the joys you shared.

posted 23rd March 2020

Murielle Solheim
 Murielle Solheim says:

So sorry for your loss. Please stay safe.

posted 23rd March 2020

Katya Riley
 Katya Riley says:

I am so sorry for your loss - And, to continue with this book/project whilst going through this grief... You are not alone out there. We're with you. Take care. Be safe.

posted 23rd March 2020

Patricia Michel
 Patricia Michel says:

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you a hug and wishing you peace.

posted 23rd March 2020

Philippa Gurney
 Philippa Gurney says:

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you at this sad and difficult time. Sending a hug to you and yours.

posted 23rd March 2020

Mary Jozwiak
 Mary Jozwiak says:

My condolences on the loss of your father. More sadness at a sad time in our world! I lost my mom last year so know some of what you are going through. Please be safe and healthy and find peace! Thank you for your beautiful work.

posted 23rd March 2020

Tonya Mayes
 Tonya Mayes says:

My deepest sympathies for you and your family. Take care of yourself. Take the time you need. We will receive the Unwinding in the right time.

posted 23rd March 2020

Jamie Wallace
 Jamie Wallace says:

I am so very sorry for all the pain and loss your family is enduring right now. Sending love and strength and rest ... and a virtual hug.

posted 23rd March 2020

S Beale
 S Beale says:

so sorry to hear on the loss of your dad. I lost my dad a few years ago now not long after my mum had passed also so I know how you must be feeling. Loss is a strange thing, it catches you when your least aware, but I sometimes think that is when they are there whispering in your ear to remember with fond thoughts and a care for others too. take care and breath the air, listen to birdsong and soothe the soul we all need that in this strange times ahead. It will be the people with full hearts that will count after all this madness at the moment not the people with full cupboards.

posted 23rd March 2020

Alison Mold
 Alison Mold says:

A good idea Jackie, as someone stuck in self-isolating it sounds just wonderful to sit on a hill and watch the waves , so soothing and comforting .
So I hope Thursday is a lovely day and you can do just that. y the love of your father stay with you and bring you peace . Very best wishes and stay safe !

posted 23rd March 2020

Andy evans
 Andy evans says:

I know we are the same age and generation so I hope you can find some comfort in what I am about to write.
My father died in his seventies shortly after a massive stroke. He'd been plagued with coronary stuff for years before, which slowly took away his life and freedom.
He was often sad and fed up with his condition. His friends had all gone before and he refused to be a 'burden' to us.
He had arterial dementia after the stroke and it wasn't 'him' that survived. If he knew what personal care he needed, the pain it can cause family watching a lingering existence he would have been horrified. He often told me it was his worst fear.
He was deemed fit to be sent home with my elderly mother,but died during the night just before discharge.
I'll admit we were shocked initially but finally thought of it as a release from possible torment for him.
I guess what I'm trying to say, clumsily, is that he didn't suffer as long as others and that's the way he wanted it.
Now I occasionally think of him, sometimes a little sadly, but often with a smile or laugh at things he said or did. I also still hear his advice as he gave it over the years. Not to mention Afrikaans swear words he said sometimes.
I hope I haven't made things worse.
Best wishes.

posted 23rd March 2020

Chris Gerrard
 Chris Gerrard says:

Sorry to hear about your pa Jackie. You obviously have lovely memories of him to cherish.
Best wishes X

posted 23rd March 2020

Kate Gold
 Kate Gold says:

I'm very sorry to hear about the death of your father, Jackie. ( 2 years on the 1st of March since my Dad died) Its a real rite of passage to lose a parent and I wish you a great good journey for your grieving. Warm best wishes, Kate Gold

posted 24th March 2020

Wendy Whidden
 Wendy Whidden says:

I’ve just read this post; I’m very sorry for the loss of your father, Ms. Morris. I hope your memories and a lifetime of love comfort you.

With love,

posted 31st March 2020

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