The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Secrets, and other things.

Secret came out on Monday that all this time I have been working away in my studio on another book with Robert Macfarlane.It will be published in October, IF I get the artwork finished. So, as we move into the final design stages of The Unwinding, where there is little for me to do other than marvel at the work Alison has been doing, I am frantically trying to finish all the artwork for The Lost Spells. But my ear.... well, it's not being helpful.

Months of working so hard, emails going back and forward between myself and Robert, spells landing, changing, morphing, growing and then shaping the images for the book, and I really need to hit this deadline of Feb 8th. You can read more about The Lost Spells here.

I'm on my second type of antibiotics now. Painkillers stultify my brain so that all I can do is sleep. Can't even read. Just been watching films. But at least now in the evenings I can take painkillers and catch up on His Dark Materials, which is fine and wonderful. 

Meanwhile Alison has been working miracles with her 'digital re-mastering' of my artwork for The Unwinding. Here's a sneak peek at more pages.

I think there are still a couple of places left on The Unwinding retreat in Bossington in July. Hoping my ear will be better by then. 

The snowdrops are spearing through the earth here. Daffodils also, but no sign of celandine yet. I've loved the frist the past few nights. It's a curious thing being at one of the closing stages of two very different books. So hoping I can hit that deadline, then rest for a day, before tackling all the other things that need to be done for the Spells to shine. 

And I have had an idea for something new........ 

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Jamie Wallace
 Jamie Wallace says:

These teasers are such a delight. Just cannot wait to hold the finished product in my hands. Feel better!

posted 22nd January 2020

Lesley Peters
 Lesley Peters says:

I agree Jamie but the anticipation is wonderful.
Hope your ear is soon mended Jackie and the magic medication helps you feel better.
We have the mearest hint of spring here but today the wood pigeons were obviously fooled by the mild sunny day and cooing and wooing in my birch tree. Slim tiny shoots of daffodils barely visible and tight buds on the yearling chestnuts grown from gathered conkers.
I’m in north east Scotland so a tad behind yourself in the balmy south.. Best wishes for the publishing date being met and hope you will soon feel well.

posted 22nd January 2020

Charlotte Tefft
 Charlotte Tefft says:

May the spell of Healing Ear come your way. May this spell take the pain away and replace it with healing comfort. May this spell be heard by you and whisper to be careful of equilibrium being out of balance, no falls to happen.
I've experienced this debilitating place. Only wisdom to share is that it does pass, with antibiotics, and keep those delicate passages covered when those dynamic winds of Wales blow.
Hares to ya....spell finder !

posted 22nd January 2020

Alison Mold
 Alison Mold says:

It is all so beautiful and much needed in our world, visions of hope and beauty and positivity . I am so looking forward to it . Also I wish I could afford and was well enough to come to the retreat , maybe next year .
Hoping your ear soon recovers and the antibiotics work. They make you feel rotten themselves . Very best wishes for it all,

posted 24th January 2020

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