The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Late nights, early mornings, working.

The Unwinding is in the stage now that is known as 'final designs'. Alison has been working so hard. The text has been copy edited. Pdfs of the document have been winging their way through the virtual labyrinth of the web. Revisions have been made. It's almost there for sign off and print and the publication date is 17th September BUT those who have pledged for it not only get listed in the index of supporter's names, but also get delivery of their book in June/July  ( it is usual for supporters to get their books two months before they hit the shops, and this will also be the special edition).

10.30 last night I was chatting to Lizzie who has been project managing the book, about cover, title, cloth, header bands, ribbon. Meanwhile among the edits Alison had worked on a wonderful setting of the blessing at the end of the book.

I do love what she has done with this, and want to make cards of this and the badger at the front of the book.

Along with The Unwinding, Unbound are re-issuing The Song of the Golden Hare and the jacket for this has undergone a redesign also.

Really looking forward to having this back in print again, and I do love what they have done with the type.

So, if you know anyone who wishes to come on board with us tell them to get a shimmy on as the doors close on 16th February for inclusion in the list of supporters. If you are an independent bookshop and wish to have the book for sale in special edition two months before it hits the shelves of the chainstores and Amazon then there's a way for you to pledge by emailing Unbound.

I've also been working hard this week to finish the interior artwork for The Lost Spells, written by Robert Macfarlane ( The Lost Words exhibition opens at The Sill in Northumbria this evening) Almost there with that and each page is harder than the last. 

I bought a beautiful stone from Jo Sweeting who has a wonderful project underway called The Foundle Project.

I've been out walking, watching the flocks of starlings and lapwing at the airfield. It is almost time to immerse myself again in the shape of birds. The gorse is flowering. The air is unreasonably warm, then cold. Sunsets have been amazing. I took a stone for a walk, left it in a tree.

And also this week I rediscovered one of my favourite covers, by Pauline Baynes, for Watership Down. As covers go it is just perfect.


Almost there now.

And what, then, comes next, I wonder.



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Joanna Dobson
 Joanna Dobson says:

Jackie, I have supported quite a few crowdfunded projects and not one has come close in the beauty and frequency of the updates we have received on The Unwinding. Thank you so much for your generosity to us. I am envious of your Jo Sweeting stone - I discovered that article on The Foundle last week and was blown away by it. Jo x

posted 6th February 2020

Lesley Peters
 Lesley Peters says:

Thank you so much I feel as if I am almost part of this process which is quite wonderful.
I love your updates and little glimpses that you share of your world and life with us. I can identify with some as am lucky enough to live and play in NE Scotland in a rural location with my dogs. I paint and write a little and walk
daily, often without ever encountering another human.
All good luck with all your projects.

posted 6th February 2020

Morag Paterson
 Morag Paterson says:

I just wanted to chip in and echo what the others have said above, it's a beautiful project and wonderful to have the updates. Have ordered a second copy today as there are so many people I'd like to share it with.

posted 6th February 2020

Murielle Solheim
 Murielle Solheim says:

That blessing is so beautiful. Thank you ❤️

posted 6th February 2020

Pen Thompson
 Pen Thompson says:

Jackie , i heartily endorse what Joanna says - your updates and appreciation of crowdfunded is superb and much appreciated . This is shaping up beautifully and its so lovely to know that more spells are on their way. Keep up the fabulous work. All the best, Pen

posted 6th February 2020

Alison Mold
 Alison Mold says:

I am so looking forward to this, am going through some rotten cancer treatment yet again, so it will be wonderful to delve in to this lovely book, so thankful for talented people who work hard and share their joyous works.

posted 7th February 2020

Alice Rohdich
 Alice Rohdich says:

I simply can't wait, it has been such a beautiful journey along the way too and these updates I will miss, xx thankyou!

posted 8th February 2020

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