The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

How we are working

It;s a curious thing this social isolation. It limits some things, but for the most part my working life continues as usual. There are plusses for me, as meetings happen online and I hope will continue to do so afterwards, cutting down travelling time, meaning I spend more time in my studio. And other things grow, new ideas, ways of working.

My days are still spent in walking the dogs ( and cats) and painting, thinking, writing. John and I are working towards the planning of a 'virtual booklaunch'. I will ask him today if the book has gone to press. There was another moment of deep jepardy as we were so busy looking at the images in the book neither of us had noticed a shift in the words during printing, and parts of teh design were thrown out of line. 

This is why we have proofs. All should be well now. 

It is good to be home, feet on the earth, eyes to the skies, heart moving between heavy and soaring by turns, looking at the land, longing to touch the sea.

Time has taken a curious turn. Publishers are asking authors to read books, do things to help those home-schooling etc, but I have been doing this for years, making books, and wish to do more. I've an amzing friend called June who is reading the books to camera for me, and hope to get some of these films online soon. 

The book world is closing down. Shop doors are closed, so you can't have that wonderful time of browsing BUT many of teh shops are still open online, still delivering and you can ask booksellers for help. For those who want signed books Solva Woollen Mill has a good stock of most of my books and while the warehouses remain open and supplying through couriers they will continue to do so. Lots of hand sanitizing happening before handling, and Tom and Anna working in social isolation to deliver. 

My daughter is in Columbia, sailing. She set off early January. The world, for humans, has changed since then. In a world of conectivity sometimes she is out of touch wehn sailing. HAlf a world away she has just sent me a message:

"Leaving in a few hours. Will let you know when we get there. Expect 12-14 days sailing. The watch rota is made.....log book ready...beanie has been donned...there's only one thing for it. To Narnia and the north"

She's a fierce creature, Mother of Fishheads. 2000 miles at sea, then what? If life is an adventure she is certainly making the most of it. She's writing a book, though not much writing will be done during the passage. Asked to write a synopsis in more detail before travelling she said that she couldn't really as you never know what the sea may bring to you. But she never envisaged a global pandemic. 

Steady the heart, steady the head, listen to the wind pass over the earth, and hope.

I think The Unwinding has gone to press. Talking with John later about something we are hoping to do, to add, to enrich, to evolve the Unwinding, so hopefully more news soon. 

Take care of yourselves and each other.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Elmo and the White cat then follow my blog.

If you want to hear how Sam Sweeney's latest music was crafted watch this, from Hudson Records.

Folk on Foot came walking with us once. Listen to the White Cat and the Bookshop Band here. All of their podcasts are brilliant, hours of beautiful listening.

There are new epiosdes of the Backlisted podcast up online. I will be listening to The Soul of Kindness later. If you've podcasts you listen to, things you watch and love, books you've read and loved leave a comment and let uus all know. We've a small and quiet community growing here on The Unwinding. Together we will get through this.


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Joanna Dobson
 Joanna Dobson says:

Dear Jackie

Thank you for another beautiful update. These posts are like getting a bonus book!

I have been collaborating with a sound artist, Julia Schauerman, on a project based around my allotment. Julia has a Soundcloud where she posts recordings taken on and close to the plot. She is hoping they will 'make staying in a bit more bearable'. They are immensely soothing: much birdsong, the flow of water, the scraping of a hoe, and more.

Good luck to your daughter - she sounds amazing! x

posted 1st April 2020

Morag Paterson
 Morag Paterson says:

Thank you Jackie, these updates are wonderful, and thank you Joanna for the Soundcloud link I'm going to enjoy that later. I've been making timelapse clips, slow motion water videos and photographs of the sea to pass the time and share online and with my family. Being locked down at an old childhood haunt makes for some interesting creative process.
I'll echo Joanna's good luck to your daughter to Jackie, what a story she will have to tell.

posted 1st April 2020

Karon A Hartshorn
 Karon A Hartshorn says:

Thank you, Jackie, am looking forward to your new books, while continuing to be inspired and imaginized by your books that live with me. I have been following the Facebook page, Enchanting the Void, and I highly recommend the near daily connecting rituals there with JJ Montgomery.

posted 1st April 2020

Alison Mold
 Alison Mold says:

Thank you for your lovely words well needed in this strange and very upsetting g time. What a brave and adventurous daughter you have. May she keep safe and return well and with wonderful stories x

posted 1st April 2020

Charlotte Tefft
 Charlotte Tefft says:

Lovely to meet your daughter and nice to see she has one of your fine feathered friends close to her heart.

posted 1st April 2020

Kathy Jones
 Kathy Jones says:

Hi Jackie,

Many thanks for the latest update. The social isolation is a strange thing indeed and I am wondering what will stay with us when we get back to "normal". As you say hopefully some of the online connections will stay if they help us stay home more and still enable the connection with people.

I see you in your daughter. I think it is a soulful connection through the eyes. I wish her all the best with her awesome adventure!

posted 2nd April 2020

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