The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

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As I reach what will soon be the completion of The Unwinding I am reminded of where it began. It was a series of tweets, each night, a lullaby, wrapped around images that became something more.

Each night a moment of peace, an incantation, a wish.

And they grew into short stories that are to become, I hope, catalysts for dreaming. 

And some of the images are in the book, but others are reworked, as I had not had images scanned before selling the artwork. And always the words are reworked to spin small stories. Still others are in other books.

The above image is from East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which is due to be republished in a new edition along with The Wild Swans, 6 months or so after The Unwinding. There's a story that threads both of these books into a Dream of the White Bear. It's the cover story, the hidden story, the one only available to those who pledge for the books. 

You can read all of the original tweets by following this link.

I need to rework the way the cover story is written a couple more times, so we choose how best to print it. The text is being sent to the editors today. 

Edging closer to the time when the book is finished.

Thank you to all who have made it possible.

A few people have asked for personal dedications. This isn't possible from a pledge on the Unbound site. But there are a few bookshops becoming involved who will have stock in advance of general publication. More on this soon. If you want a specific dedication then this would be your way forward. But the option is there to secure a signed copy. Sorry I can't be more helpful on this.

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Mark McBride
 Mark McBride says:

I remember those tweets with much fondness, how each one would be an event when they arrived, each one like a deep breath in before exhaling slowly.

So good to hear that East of the Sun, West of the Moon and The Wild Swans will be returning. They're 2 of my most treasured books.

posted 6th November 2019

Belinda Moore
 Belinda Moore says:

I too recall those awe inspiring tweets. The wonderment of beautiful illustrations, words and heart warming dreams fill my soul with synchronised connections of love and friendship. Sacred treasures to behold and embrace for eternity.

posted 6th November 2019

Matthew Scott
 Matthew Scott says:

I also remember those tweets so well. They arrived to bring such beauty, peace, and calm to me at an extremely difficult and painful time in my life. I will be ever grateful to you for them Jackie. It is a great privilege to be able support The Unwinding and I’m so looking forward to reading it and soothing my dreams.

posted 6th November 2019

Maria Lewis
 Maria Lewis says:

Oh yes! The tweets which I treasured over a few days and nights. This is such a wonderful way for a book to emerge and I feel fully involved by supporting its development. So looking forward to touching the pages, reading the words and being lost in the images. So exciting! Thank you Jackie for making this process so special to so many of us - and that’s before the published work spreads far and wide doing good things for souls everywhere. Good luck with those final knots left to tie. ❤️

posted 6th November 2019

Linda Place
 Linda Place says:

These extracts from the eagerly awaited book are balm for this troubled soul. Thank you.

posted 6th November 2019

Yi Pang
 Yi Pang says:

I loved (still do) that series of tweets so much when you first shared it! I was so grateful for your generosity in sharing it like that. So untwitter-like and such a treasure. I'm sure I bookmarked and retweeted it. Supporting this project felt so very right I jumped when I first saw the opportunity to help you bring The Unwinding into the world. And the dream has had a hold of me since then...

posted 7th November 2019

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