The Unwinding

By Jackie Morris

A beautiful new pillow book, from the Kate Greenaway Award winning author Jackie Morris.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Almost there

I have almost finished the artwork for The Lost Spells and we are in the closing stages with The Unwinding. The sun is shining, and today I will be painting gorse, which is wonderful, and just coming strongly into flower. Also, there's a huge gorsebush in my back garden, so, not so far to go to research my subject matter. Soon the hillside here will glow golden with the flowers and the air will be scented with gorse ( though for some reason people say 'coconut').

I just received an email from Unbound.

Copy edit is done. Alison is finishing design tweaks, working on the cover. The books close for subscriber's names to be added on 16th February. Hoping to have what is known in the industry as a 'cover reveal' soon, although I think I have already done that a few updatings back!

For now, here are a few details of images from the book.

I love the swallows in the snow, which were added by Alison, and somehow add to the dreamlike quality of the book. 

I have ideas brewing. More and different work with Alison, as we learn from each other. 

Thank you for travelling this far with The Unwinding. I'm looking forward to having a copy of The Silent Unwinding to play with, really hoping people will understand and will launch themselves into its pages.

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Gwendolyn Noble
 Gwendolyn Noble says:

Hello Jackie!
Thank you for you updates including about the growing friendship between you and Alison!
I am very much looking forward to holding, admiring and reading this beauty. The anticipation in our very fast-paced world is also part of the joy! Hoping you are feeling better! Take care!

posted 29th January 2020

Jennifer Comeau
 Jennifer Comeau says:

Greetings, Jackie. Thank you for your gorgeous illustrations and for the ways you've contributed to making the world more beautiful. I hope your ear issues are better. If you ever travel to Maine, I'll help you fill a room - or a stadium.

posted 29th January 2020

Rags Edward
 Rags Edward says:

Dearest Jackie - I could not be more excited! This lovely concept turs real! And the Lost Spells to look forward to. You're a treasure.
~ Rags E

posted 29th January 2020

Jenna Walker
 Jenna Walker says:

Hello Jackie
So much exciting news...
Your talk of gorse reminds of a book I read in the autumn last year - Folk by Zoe Gilbert - if you have not read it I recommend you try it. For me it conjured up experiences in every sense and the visual images I conjured remind me very much of your paintings.

posted 30th January 2020

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

Thanks Jenna. I have Folk on my bookshelves. It has been patiently waiting.

posted 30th January 2020

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