The Unwinding Cards

By Jackie Morris

A collection of 100 illustrated postcards taken from The Unwinding.

Sunday, 12 February 2023

Sunday morning, quiet times, and a taste of my own medicine

I am sorry it has been so long a time since I have left an update here. Much has been happening. The Accordion Books are now made, and will be in the warehouse soon, ready for dispatch. It is not often that I say this, but they are the most perfect things they could be, at this time. I am hoping Solva Woollen Mill and Seven Fables will have them up on line soon, and would suggest, now, to buy from there, or order from your local indie shop and I hope you like them.

Meanwhile the Unwinding cards have been in a bit of a crisis situation. They are now in design, and Mark at Unbound is gathering the images, from the pages exquisitely designed by Alison O'Toole and we are all doing the best that we can to ensure they are in print, boxed and ready for publication in late October, early Nov both in UK and USA.

It has been a very difficult week here, as on Friday I had to make the decision to have Rosie, our beautiful, kind, amazing collie, put to sleep. Rosie was Hannah's companion, and when Hannah left for uni she took Rosie with her, whenever and where ever she could. But she had returned home for the winter years of her beautiful life. Her passing was peaceful and kind, but the hole she leaves is immense and I have been moving quietly through the past couple of days, and finding tremensous peace and solace in writing the captions of the Unwinding Cards, trying to spin them into a strange poem, if you place all the cards next to each other, but also, shuffle them. Creativity is a harbour for the fragile soul, and mine feels quite ragged with a weight of accumulated grief. But also, how blessed to have lived my days with all these wonderful creatures. Better it is to grieve than never allow oneself to love.

So, today I will walk Pi and Ivy up to the hill where Bella and Floss's ashes are scattered, and I will write these postcards and a couple of small stories. It takes such a long time for ideas to become reality. Before we know it these cards will be out in the world and half of another year will have passed. 

Before I go, there is another project happening. Wild Folk, with Tamsin Abbott. I have writing to make for this also, stories to hunt, in the songs of raven. The film for this book, made by Seven Fables, is a wonderful, peacefilled and beautiful thing, of fire and magic. If you've time do take a look. We are trying to build a community of Wild Folk around the project. It is fully funded, but if you care to join us, there will be postings more regularly and we hope to have events during the making of the book also.

I leave you with a picture of a gentle soul who was much loved and will be so much missed. She was the cleverest of thieves in her youth. She knew how to steal bacon from under the grill, how to unscrew a jar, where the avocadoes were kept and how to peel them, and she did love to chomp on a wooden spoon.

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Raymond Lowell
 Raymond Lowell says:

I'm sorry for your loss. <3

posted 12th February 2023

Jane Kuesel
 Jane Kuesel says:

Oh, my dear, glad you had so many years of joy together. So sorry for your loss.

posted 12th February 2023

Theolyn Jones
 Theolyn Jones says:

I’m sorry, it’s heartbreaking saying goodbye …sad times after joyous times … sending much love

posted 12th February 2023

Erica Bullivant
 Erica Bullivant says:


posted 12th February 2023

Matthew Scott
 Matthew Scott says:

So very sorry to hear about Rosie, Jackie. Sending love to you and Hannah. Holding you both in my thoughts as grief touches you once again. X

posted 12th February 2023

Philippa Manasseh
 Philippa Manasseh says:

I am so sorry for your loss.

posted 12th February 2023

Amber B
 Amber B says:

I am so sorry for the sadness that comes when we lose a member of our family. Whether it be a person or an animal still they are our family. Rosie will always be with you and Hannah , in your memories and all the ‘do you remember when?’ Times. But these days or rawness are heartbreaking. I send you both strength and love to help you in your mourning xx

posted 12th February 2023

Pearl Melvill
 Pearl Melvill says:

I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets love so unconditionally, they leave such a gaping hole in the home when those winter years pass…

posted 12th February 2023

Karin Celestine
 Karin Celestine says:

Dearest Rosie, I remember her stealing my cheese and being the inspiration for getting Sherpa. She was a fine dog indeed. Big hugs xxxx

posted 12th February 2023

Sara Bankes
 Sara Bankes says:

So sorry for your loss, such a privilege to share time with these beautiful creatures. x

posted 12th February 2023

Marilyn Lewis
 Marilyn Lewis says:

It's awful to say goodbye to a beloved animal, but it is the price that we sadly have to pay for their love. I don't find that much of a comfort myself:(

posted 12th February 2023

Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth
 Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth says:

Far better to have beloved dogs in our lives and grieve them when they have to go, than never to have known their love, and loved them, at all.

posted 12th February 2023

terri young
 terri young says:

I'm so sorry to hear about beautiful Rosie she was a truly lovely dog she xx

posted 12th February 2023

Allison Bailey
 Allison Bailey says:

How terribly sad this week has been for you. I am very sorry. That big hole left when we lose a much loved being can be all encompassing, but I hope it is filled with many joyous memories that lift you back up to the surface once more. Thinking of you and sweet Rosie. She sounds like one very clever collie.

posted 12th February 2023

Stella Davis
 Stella Davis says:

Thank you for the update and I am so sorry to hear about Rosie. What a gift to you it is to be able to express your grief in your creating. It will speak volumes xxx

posted 13th February 2023

Angelika Luethi
 Angelika Luethi says:

So much looking forward to meet & greet these cards. They will be so unique. They'll be available when they need to be.
Feeling for your loss.

posted 13th February 2023

Pamela Barone
 Pamela Barone says:

I am thankful you felt able to write about your beautiful companion. If love does anything at all for us, it gives strength to understand that those we love will pass our way again, yes? More though, it reassures us that what time is given today is best spent appreciating each other. May her memory be a blessing.

posted 13th February 2023

Dee Jackson
 Dee Jackson says:

So sorry to read about the loss of your beautiful Rosie, may the memories of your happy times with her be a strength and a comfort.

posted 14th February 2023

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