The Unwinding Cards

By Jackie Morris

A collection of 100 illustrated postcards taken from The Unwinding.

Friday, 25 August 2023

Postcards for Bookshops.

21st October is the publication date for The Unwinding cards, and hopefully they will be winging their way to subscribers before then. I want to know what kind of wild life the cards lead. In the meantime I can't really go anywhere. I'm out for a walk every other day, pottering around the small hamlet in which I live, foraging for blackberries and trying hard and failing, to get myself back to work. And I am sending postcards.

Some have been going to friends, some to strangers, some with drawings and some with stories. I have a list of bookshops, but always glad to hear of more bookshops, so let me know if you have a favourite ( where ever you are in teh world) 

I have been playing with gold leaf and typewriters on postcards.......

Love how it looks on the card.

I sent one to Seven Fables, who have the cards on their website for pre-order and who are having a special birthday celebration very soon.


Playing with cards gives me some distraction, but I really need to settle back in to work now, and it is hard. I have painting and writing to do, but my head feels scattered, fragmented. I desperately want to walk up the hill above my house, but not yet strong enough and it has been almost 5 weeks now. Meanwhile I am also resting in this:

Halfway through and it's one of those books that picks you up and won't let you go. Hannah ( daughter) kept telling me to read it, but somehow I had also lost my reading Mojo, until I read Godkiller, picked up in Ashburton Craftmongers because of the cover. Can't wait for teh next one in the series and lucky for me my friend Jane Johnson is the editor, so will slip me a proof copy soon. But meanwhile Kim Sherwood's Wild and True is just a most excellent creature. 

So,  tell me, favourite bookshop, and, what are you reading. And soon, soon, the cards will be with you.


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Bernie Bell
 Bernie Bell says:

Favourite bookshop…. Stromness Books & Prints….this tells why…

Sheena, who runs it – deserves to receive a lovely postcard – she’s keeping an independent bookshop going – and is v. helpful about sourcing and ordering books…

I’m reading… ‘Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World.’

posted 26th August 2023

Bernie Bell
 Bernie Bell says:


Co-incidentally - your question just missed my reading 'A Leg To Stand On' by Oliver Sachs.
When reading that - I saw parallels with your situation.

posted 27th August 2023

Angelika Luethi
 Angelika Luethi says:

Getting well can be such a task. But I am glad to hear that the postcards are about to pop. Now we all can get our pencils & pens ready. Am looking forward to start to send cards out into the world. Seeing doing it has made me itch now, to do so as well.
Take care, give yourself the time and space if you can, be cunning like a fox and coax yourself back into work.
My favourite bookshop is
Kenilworth Books
12 Talisman Square, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1JB

posted 29th August 2023

Sarah Blenkinsop
 Sarah Blenkinsop says:

Ledbury Books and Maps!

Hope you can walk up the hill very soon xxx

I am over your way this month, can't wait to see the view from Pentre Ifan.

posted 29th August 2023

Sarah Gosling
 Sarah Gosling says:

I have a soft spot for The Book Nook in Ware. In her last few years my Mum ordered books from them and they walked them the half mile to her front door to deliver them personally. Mum introduced me to your gorgeous book - Feather, Leaf, Bark, Stone - and it was her very last gift to me as it turned out. I had ordered your Unwinding Cards for her as she was a prolific correspondent and would have loved them. They will arrive as a bitter sweet remembering around what would have been her 91st birthday. I will be sending one to Julia at the Book Nook to tell her just how special her shop was in the life of two booklovers.

posted 29th August 2023

Emily Chaplin
 Emily Chaplin says:

Hi Jackie, so sorry to hear that you are struggling since your knee op! I feel that I have come out in sympathy with you. I was given a steroid injection in my hip to help give my knee some support (OA in both hip and knee), this worked for around a month and now I am in more pain than ever. My consultant too thinks that I am too young for a replacement, I need quality of life..... moving to Sherborne and it's hilly landscape is causing havoc!! I really hope that you will be able to get a spring into your step very soon. xx

posted 29th August 2023

Paula Moorhouse
 Paula Moorhouse says:

My favourite bookshop? My local, Chorlton Bookshop, it's small, always friendly and very precious.

Take it steady - the hill will wait for you, even if in autumn clothes not summer ones!

posted 29th August 2023

Raymond Lowell
 Raymond Lowell says:

Favourite bookshop? Daunt Books:
I desperately miss the many indie bookshops (and second hand bookshops) that were in Oxford 30 years ago.
What am I reading? Nothing right now as I've just finished Norton Juster's wonderful The Phantom Tollbooth.
Hope you make it up the hill soon (as someone with a permanent inoperable knee injury I feel for you!).

posted 29th August 2023

Pamela Barone
 Pamela Barone says:

Hello, my unmet friend. My sincere best mojo for you to be climbing your hill soon.
Favorite Bookshop here is Prospero's and I am reading a nonfiction on public health, having just finished a re-read of James Agee's still astonishing work "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men."
Prospero's is situated in a multi-storoed former Hardware store. Every morning the owner wheels out a rack of free books for those who might need one. I could spend my whole pension check inside, so, I limit my visits. Ink, paper, coffee, yarn, and cat food have to be considered.

posted 29th August 2023

Jennie Mead
 Jennie Mead says:

My favourite local independent bookshop is Bookmark, 18-20 The Crescent, Spalding
Lincolnshire PE11 1AF
They have an interesting and vast array of books for all ages as well as selling other tempting items. They have an in-house café, so you can spend all day in there browsing the books as well as enjoying coffee and whatever you like.

posted 30th August 2023

Kate Skilbeck
 Kate Skilbeck says:

Dear Jackie
Do hope you'll be able to settle back into work soon, bit by bit, and that it won't be too long before you can walk up the hill above your house again.
My favourite bookshop: The Bookshop, 150 High Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 4BE.
Loughton is my home town and Loughton Bookshop has been there for as long as I can remember! Tania and her husband are always so, so helpful; all their staff are. It's a delight to shop there!

posted 1st September 2023

Sal Woodward
 Sal Woodward says:

Dear Jackie,
My favourite bookshop is News from Nowhere in Liverpool. It would be so wonderful if you could send a card to my friend, and former colleague there, Cate. She is also a wonderful artist.
I'm looking forward to seeing the cards.
Best wishes for autumnal healing, Sal

posted 6th September 2023

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