The Unwinding Cards

By Jackie Morris

A collection of 100 illustrated postcards taken from The Unwinding.

Saturday, 1 April 2023

Just a quick note.....

... to say, the proofs are in of the postcards and they look good. Hopefully they will be with everyone by October, if all goes well with printing and shipping. They will be available from shops ( if the shops stock them).

Thank you everyone for making this possible. It would be fascinating to follow the stroies of some of them. Do you know what you will do with your set? Will you keep them or post them?


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Cathy Griffiths
 Cathy Griffiths says:

Hi, I can't wait to get them. I am a member of Postcrossing (just search online for it if you're not aware of it) and send and receive postcards with people all over the world regularly. I'll keep these for some special recipients. I will probably end up getting another set and keeping them for myself as well.

posted 3rd April 2023

Claire Grant
 Claire Grant says:

I send some if a card particularly makes me think of a person - but mostly I frame and display them as the works of art that they are!

posted 3rd April 2023

Raymond Lowell
 Raymond Lowell says:

I want to keep them all, they're so beautiful. At the same time, I don't have an awful lot of space and I do have quite a few people I write to regularly, so I may keep some and send some out into the world.

posted 3rd April 2023

Margaret Jobling
 Margaret Jobling says:

I will be sending them out at intervals to my four grandchildren, aged 9,7,6 and 4. I have written to them regularly since they were born so they know the joy of receiving a handwritten card. Now the 9 year old writes to me of her own volition! I do see them regularly too but our 'Muffmail'( long story!)
is a special bond.

posted 3rd April 2023

MariaGabriella Atzori
 MariaGabriella Atzori says:

As Cathy Griffiths said earlier, I may do the same: gift the box to a very special friend who will love the artwork, and buy myself a second box: I plan to use some to be sent to friends on special occasions, and keep the ones that speak to me more. I can't wait!

posted 3rd April 2023

Patricia Oakley
 Patricia Oakley says:

I am so looking forward to receiving my beautiful postcards. I may keep and frame a few but the comment made by Cathy Griffiths about Postcrossing intrigued me so l looked it up as l’d never heard of this before. Having looked into it, l have now happily signed up for this. I hope to send some of the Unwinding cards via this forum when l receive them and spread Jackie’s amazing artworks / talent to others around the globe who may not yet have heard of her. Excited!

posted 3rd April 2023

Amber B
 Amber B says:

I’ve ordered 2 sets because I want to keep one set for me.the other set I intend to send out randomly.

posted 3rd April 2023

Angelika Luethi
 Angelika Luethi says:

I intend to post them to people known & unknown to me. They are too beautiful not to be shared.

posted 10th April 2023

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