The Unwinding Cards

By Jackie Morris

A collection of 100 illustrated postcards taken from The Unwinding.

Wednesday, 5 July 2023

How to show you what you have brought into being.

I was searching for the best way to show you what we have all made together. I desided the best way was a film......the cards look great, in word and image. The box is a useful thing. If you cannot bear to part with them then partner with a friend, buy a set each and post each other a cards every week for 2 years. Then you will have a box full at the end, and memories of sent and received. Or buy two sets. It works out at 20p a card.

Let me know what you think.

( Quick heads up on second pair of Accordion Books, funding now, Hare and Hound.)

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Marie-Louise Ambrosius
 Marie-Louise Ambrosius says:

O Jackie, looking forward is such a pleasure. What an accomplishment to have created such a wealth with these beautifiul cards. All my love, I am a big fan! Marie Louise

posted 6th July 2023

Emily Chaplin
 Emily Chaplin says:

Oh my Jackie, how gorgeous are those cards and the box is lovely too. I will be so excited when it arrives as I will probably send quite a few to friends to announce the birth of my new grandchild due early next year, I may also have some framed for baby's nursery (i'm sure mum & dad will approve). Thanks for the preview, it's a lovely way to show what to expect x Emily

posted 6th July 2023

Allison Bailey
 Allison Bailey says:

Wow. So glad I bought more than one copy as they are too gorgeous to disappear from my home altogether. Posting to my best friend and her to me with both sets seems like a great idea.

posted 6th July 2023

Carolyn Smith
 Carolyn Smith says:

Just beautiful!

posted 6th July 2023

Mary Hyland
 Mary Hyland says:

These touch my heart as does all of your work. They contain a special type of magic. I will keep one box and share the other with friends tied with ribbon as Christmas or birthday gifts. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with all of us.

posted 6th July 2023

Jackie Briski
 Jackie Briski says:

Beautiful!! I can't wait to get mine. Thanks for your beautiful work, Jackie. BTW awesome name I must say! :)

posted 7th July 2023

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