The Unwinding Cards

By Jackie Morris

A collection of 100 illustrated postcards taken from The Unwinding.

Sunday, 17 September 2023

Any Day Now, in a minute.

So, the cards are in the warehouse. Hoping to get addresses this week of folk who pledged to receive a card and hope that soon, very very soon, everyone will get their boxes. Let me know when yours arrive and what you think.

My box of author copies arrived the other day and I don't think I have ever been so pleased with something I have made with a publisher. I think it is because of the connections they make, the fact they are small works of afordable art. I don't know really.

There was a lovely interview that will be on the postcrossings site soon, but in the meantime you can read it here. If you don't know Postcrossings do check it out. It is a wonderful community of people all around the world connecting in their lives through the alchemy of world wide postal services. And World Postcard Day and National Poetry Day are both coming up fast. 

So, let me know when your cards arive, and what you are going to do with them. And don't forget that Unbound send out an email to check your address, and you won't get cards until you have confirmed that you are still at that address ( this is because it takes a while from the conception of a project to its completion.

I will be doing an update on the Wild Folk site ( almost on 200%, and Tamsin's work for this is awesome) as I have been writing over the past few weeks ( although at times it felt more like wrestling), and now I need to focus on painting birds for The Lost Birds and finding words for The Accordion Hound and Hare. ( These two are slow to fund, but wil be published midsummer next year- wondering if I have too many things funding really, but have loved doing the painting and will love the word searching on these two small, wild hymns, so hope they get over the funding line)

I will also be making a rare visit to a bookshop, Seven Fables, to celebrate with them their 21st Birthday as an Emporium of Beauty, 7th October. Going to be sending out some cards to arrive on World Postcard Day. Look forward to hearing from you. And one more time, thank you for making this set happen. It wouldn't be here without you.

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Raymond Lowell
 Raymond Lowell says:

I'm very excited for my postcards to arrive!

posted 17th September 2023

Kate Calico
 Kate Calico says:

Thank you Jackie for your art and all the goodies I have received over the years.
I really look forward to receiving these cards… Thanks, love you, Kate xxx

posted 18th September 2023

Kel Portman
 Kel Portman says:

Oh, the anticipation!!!

posted 18th September 2023

Gini Wells
 Gini Wells says:

I'm so looking forward to seeing these cards! I think I'll be sending them as Christmas cards this year, as well as surprising people who aren't expecting anything nice in the post.

posted 18th September 2023

Marie-Louise Ambrosius
 Marie-Louise Ambrosius says:

The joy of looking forward can hardly be surpassed by the real event, zo excited! I have my adresses collected, and my own designed poststamps ready to be pasted. I am just as happy for you as you are for all of us, Jackie, Lots of love, Loes - Netherlands

posted 18th September 2023

Soyka Krupa
 Soyka Krupa says:

I have used the Lost Words cards and the Reading cards primarily for inspiring students in my class and school and using the imagery of keys and animals to spark conversations and discuss imagery, collective nouns etc and no doubt I will again. However, I am looking forward to sending cards to my husband and children and then my wider family as a way of showing love and introducing some of them to your artistry and inspiring others and introducing others to your sublime words and art. Once again, thank you. You give my mind and my eyes feasts to linger over. I wish you well and send love and gratitude. Soyka

posted 18th September 2023

Isobel Brunsdon
 Isobel Brunsdon says:

I’m so looking forward to receiving my cards. I’ve just spent a few days in West Wales with my daughter and baby granddaughter. I could feel the essence of your work as we toured the beautiful countryside. Popping into Oriel y parc of course. I will be sharing the cards with my daughter and putting some aside for my granddaughter which I will write on each year for her as she grows up.

posted 18th September 2023

Amber B
 Amber B says:

Looking forward to the cards arriving. Have postage stamps at the ready

posted 18th September 2023

Charlie Burn
 Charlie Burn says:

So exciting!

posted 19th September 2023

Kate Greenwood
 Kate Greenwood says:

I'm really excited to receive my cards - my box of Lost Words/Spells cards I primarily used throughout my pregnancy to write messages to my daughter before her arrival (she's 12 weeks old today!) based on the nature I'd seen that day etc. We also visited the exhibition at The Sill which was wonderful of course. Your work is so beautiful and a reminder to enjoy our wonderful countryside.

Will definitely send some postcards for World Postcard Day - I know a few people who'd appreciate some post! I've got some of the Royal Mail Terry Pratchett stamps left too, so that's ideal.

posted 19th September 2023

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