The Undiscovered Country

By Aidan McQuade

'Why should people care about a murder during war time?' Two men attempt to solve the killing of a young boy during the Irish War of Independence in 1920.

Monday, 4 March 2019

So... what happens next?

So sorry that I haven’t posted an update in a while. But I’ve been working away at various edits of The Undiscovered Country to get it ready for publication. I’ll keep you posted as the book design progresses and publication dates become clearer.

As I was editing I began to wonder what happened next to some of the characters who survive the pages of The Undiscovered Country. I began to ponder on how their fortunes may have been shaped by the Civil War and Partition that followed the War of Independence, and how they coped with the monstrous systems of discrimination against Catholics in the North, and against women across the whole island, that disfigured so much of the 20th century history of Ireland.

Suffice to say I’m now working on a sequel, tentatively entitled Some Service to the State that begins to explore some of these questions, once more through the medium of murder. 

This time the book will be set amongst the communities of South Armagh and North Louth who, in 1921, were forcibly split apart by a British imposed border so arbitrary that, for example, in the village of Jonesborough the Church of Ireland minister would speak on a Sunday morning from his pulpit to his congregation in the body of the church who were, because of the border, now sitting in another country.

Some Service to the State begins with two of the characters from The Undiscovered Country meeting in Newry, and over a cup of coffee, deciding that they need to go poking into things that others very much wish they would just mind their own business about. Dark deeds and bloodshed threaten.

Anyone interested in what happens next?

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Tim Delaneuy
 Tim Delaneuy says:

Aidan - keep it going and follow your muse.

posted 5th March 2019

dave Pratt
 dave Pratt says:

Did one of them take the King’s Shilling and flit in the middle of the night to Leicester?

posted 5th March 2019

Nick Kinsella
 Nick Kinsella says:

Excellent news. Liooking forward to reading it!

posted 6th March 2019

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