The Twitch

By Kevin Parr

Ted Banger will do whatever it takes to win the annual bird race

Friday, 13 April 2012


Yes! Finally, two swallows have returned to West Compton....

I was starting to get concerned, as I so often do at this time of year - and this is the first year in many that I have had to wait until April (let alone the second week of April) to hear that familiar chatter and allow myself to breathe safe in the knowledge that Spring really has arrived.

I think my attachment to swallows goes back to childhood.

Three or four pairs would nest in the garage at home, and as they fledged, the youngsters would line up along the electricity cable that linked the garage to the house - giving fabulous views from the kitchen window.

The sight of them would turn bittersweet as September approached, however, and they gathered in greater number - covering the powerlines in the valley and preparing to fly south.

I always felt sombre, not least because their impending departure would coincide with the end of the summer holidays, and the ghastly spectre of another school year.....yuk.

Still, today, I will cherish their reappearance. All is well, and they are back home for the Summer.

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