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The Twitch

Ted Banger will do whatever it takes to win the annual bird race by Kevin Parr

Review for The Twitch

A really enjoyable, funny & entertaining gem of a book. Although more of an armchair birdwatcher now and a very bad twitcher who managed to dip a thousand waxwings at Woburn, I've certainly come across the zealots of the birding world brought to life in this book so cleverly. Reading it in conjunction with my twitter feed firing out the megas following recent storms made it seem so real. Having stood at Hayle estuary happily observing a greenshank and then watched in amazement as a car pulled up, two gortexed loonies leapt out, hardly stopped for more than five seconds shouting "that's the yellowlegs bagged" before racing off again, I now understand why! Could it even have been Mr Banger himself? Read this book and laugh as much as I did!