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The Twitch

Ted Banger will do whatever it takes to win the annual bird race by Kevin Parr

Review for The Twitch

I really enjoyed this refreshing, funny book and it gave me a scary insight into the evil world of twitching... The Twitch is a real page turner, and has you laughing out loud. The central character, Ted Banger, is truly dislikeable, obsessive, jealous and self indulgent, unconcerned by the trail of upset and disruption he leaves, in order to get his prize. There's nothing nice or sweet about bird watching, and the birds themselves, (unless they're half- attractive bar maids), are generally ignored by Ted and his twitching buddies. With bucket loads of 'laddish' behaviour - sex, drink and other dark deeds, Kevin Parr takes his jokes to extremes. Wicked and hilarious, 'The Twitch' is a great novel about modern UK lives.